Lissauer tract

dor·so·lat·er·al fas·cic·u·lus

a longitudinal bundle of thin, unmyelinated, and poorly myelinated fibers capping the apex of the posterior horn of the spinal gray matter, composed of posterior root fibers and short association fibers that interconnect neighboring segments of the posterior horn.
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Lissauer tract

[Heinrich Lissauer, Ger. neurologist, 1861–1891]
A long narrow axon tract in the spinal cord between the dorsolateral tip of the dorsal horn and the outer edge of the cord. The tract is filled with unmyelinated and thinly myelinated axons running rostrally or caudally for a few cord segments before entering the dorsal horn and synapsing. Some of these axons are secondary sensory axons that arise from cells in the dorsal horn; others are primary sensory axons of dorsal root ganglia cells. As it enters the hindbrain, Lissauer tract becomes the spinal trigeminal tract.
Synonym: dorsolateral fasciculus; dorsolateral tract
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Heinrich, German neurologist, 1861-1891.
column of Spitzka-Lissauer - Synonym(s): Spitzka marginal tract
Lissauer bundle - Synonym(s): Lissauer fasciculus
Lissauer column - Synonym(s): Lissauer fasciculus
Lissauer fasciculus - a longitudinal bundle of thin, unmyelinated and poorly myelinated fibers capping the apex of the posterior horn of the spinal gray matter. Synonym(s): dorsolateral fasciculus; Lissauer bundle; Lissauer column; Lissauer marginal zone; Lissauer tract
Lissauer marginal zone - Synonym(s): Lissauer fasciculus
Lissauer paralysis
Lissauer tract - Synonym(s): Lissauer fasciculus
Lissauer zone
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