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Kelvin Herrera thought he was all the way back from a Lisfranc surgery (left foot) when he was pitching to a 1.59 ERA over 7 relief appearances during a stretch in June.
In the days that followed, scans would reveal that Davies had suffered a Lisfranc fracture -- displacement of the metatarsals in his left foot -- and surgery would be required.
Korkmaz sat out 43 games in 2017-18 with a Lisfranc injury in his left foot but has played in just 19 games in two seasons.
However, one more injury to Dai Young's props would've led to fielding an inexperienced option - then the pinch of not having Doran Jones may have been felt Matt Symons The powerful second row, above, endured an injury-ravaged final season at Wasps, as he struggled to recover from a lisfranc foot concern.
The pang of pain he felt in his foot was not a dislocated toe or a sprained ankle, as his own flash diagnosis suggested, but it was a mid-foot dislocation known as a Lisfranc fracture in his left foot.
A better-designed shoe can be a protective mechanism against injuries, such as turf toe, Lisfranc fractures, and high ankle sprains," says Richard Kent, professor of mechanical & aerospace engineering, biomedical engineering, and emergency medicine at the University of Virginia, Charlottesville, and a member of the NFL Musculoskeletal Committee.
It's a whopper in the context of Bitonio's injury woes the past two seasons -- he's currently recovering from Lisfranc surgery -- but Bitonio has been one of the league's best guards when on the field.
Applying the topographic classification of Sanders and Frykberg, a midfoot affection type II and/or III, corresponding to the Lisfranc and Chopart joint region, was causal in all but one foot.
Caption: Figure 3: T2-weighted axial image of MRI of left foot without contrast, showing increased signals in soft tissues (compatible with cellulitis), as well as deep-seated multilocular collection at Lisfranc's joints and second metatarsophalangeal joints.