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He recalled: "I tore a Lisfranc ligament in my foot and I knew straight away that it was gone.
The Acumed Ratcheting Compression Plating System is intended to be used for fixation such as LisFranc arthrodesis, mono or bi-cortical osteotomies in the forefoot, first metatarsophalangeal arthrodesis, Akin osteotomy, midfoot and hindfoot arthrodeses or osteotomies, fixation of osteotomies for hallux valgus treatment (Scarf and Chevron), and arthrodesis of the metatarsocuneiform joint to reposition and stabilize metatarsus primus varus.
But he missed 11 games because of a left foot sprain originally suffered in the 2013 preseason, which wound up being a Lisfranc injury, one of the most painful for an athlete.
Edrick suffered a Lisfranc injury and will soon undergo surgery coming Friday to heal the damage.
Synovial osteochondromatosis of the Lisfranc joint: a case report.
com), has announced the release of a podcast discussing the lisfranc injury, a common midfoot injury involving the tarsal and metatarsal joints.
Thankfully, that came back clear and there is no Lisfranc injury.
In one study, the center of pressure (CoP) remained proximal to the end of the residuum in persons with transmetatarsal (TMT) and Lisfranc amputation using toe fillers, insoles, and slipper sockets [9-10].
Lisfranc injuries are ligament injuries to the tarsometatarsal joints, ranging from partial sprains to complete tears with displacement.
A traumatic tear of the Lisfranc ligament (a short bandlike ligament that extends from the plantar anterolateral corner of the medial cuneiform to the plantar posteromedial corner of the base of the second metatarsal) is an important injury (Figure 11).
The subclavian vein lies anteriorly, separated from the artery by anterior scalenus as it inserts into the first rib at the tubercle of Lisfranc.
Pedorthic management of these conditions include proper support of midfoot structures such as the Lisfranc joint and midtarsal articulations.