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Abbreviation for:
local immune therapy
local implementation team  
lumbar infusion test
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lymphocyte immune therapy



A purported treatment for recurrent miscarriage, in which cells from a potential father are infused into a woman who has had previous loss of pregnancy after intercourse with this partner.


LIT has not been shown to prevent spontaneous abortion and may be hazardous to the recipient of the infused cells. In the U.S., the FDA permits research on LIT but not its use in everyday medical practice.
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LISE WEIL: This book took me 15 years to write, and there were many periods of extreme self doubt.
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La revision sistematica de las Leguminosae del Herbario de la Universidad de Coimbra (COI) y, con menor frecuencia, de otros herbarios (ELVE, LISE, LISI, LISU, PO) nos ha posibilitado presentar 52 nuevas citas portuguesas, correspondientes a 38 taxones incluidos en el volumen VII(II) de Flora iberica (Castroviejo et al.
The principal character of Romance is twenty-four-year-old Lise Imbert, a professional translator, who is in love--or so she thinks--with a psychiatrist, Yves Morand.
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