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Abbreviation for:
local immune therapy
local implementation team  
lumbar infusion test

lymphocyte immune therapy



A purported treatment for recurrent miscarriage, in which cells from a potential father are infused into a woman who has had previous loss of pregnancy after intercourse with this partner.


LIT has not been shown to prevent spontaneous abortion and may be hazardous to the recipient of the infused cells. In the U.S., the FDA permits research on LIT but not its use in everyday medical practice.
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Indeed, we know more about Lise's flat, about the food served her on the airplane, about her hotel room, and about secondary characters than we ever know about Lise.
As Lise puts it: "The technology we're developing will allow the composer to use space in a new way, using the reverberation of the landscape as a timbral element.
Mary handed over the car keys though she knew she shouldn't, Lise drove to Piqua and got drunk again.
As we can see from the patterns I have just described, the female members of Lise's family are in turn the victims but also the perpetrators-sometimes unconsciously-of patriarchal attitudes and behaviour: the words of 'mamie' when she sees Lise in the 'robe blanche a bateaux bleus' worn by Sissi on the famous night of the 'fete de Saint-Jean' are those of the tyrannical parent: 'cette robe de trainee
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Born into a French colonial upper middle-class family in Mauritius,as Lise de Boucherville, she was sent to school in Paris, where she met the love of her life,artist Gustave Villameur.
Lise, 42, mother of Deayton's 18-month-old son Isaac, vowed to stand by him but her world was turned upside down again when the Sunday Mirror revealed details of his affair with TV scriptwriter Stacy Herbert, 34.
She revealed how Deayton lay in a swimming pool on a Majorcan holiday - with Lise on one side and her on the other.
Even with full revelation of what Patrice is, Lise does not free herself from his dominance.
Seven-year-old Lise (Line Kruse), who's ignored by her career-obsessed parents, draws solace from an imaginary friend, P (Nikolaj Lie Kaas, from Lars von Trier's "The Idiots"), who lives behind her bedroom wall.
Among the many questions provoked by Ruth Lewin Sime's ambitious and long-awaited narrative of the life of Lise Meitner, the two that are the most pressing are also those that are the most recalcitrant: What makes a good life?