Liquidambar orientalis

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Liquidambar orientalis,

n See storax.
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Abstract: The effect of extractives on the thermal behavior of Liquidambar orientalis Mill.
Keywords: Wood extractives, thermogravimetric analysis, Liquidambar orientalis, storax wood, thermal degradation, natural fire retardants
Anahtar kelimeler: Odun ekstraktiflerin, termogravimetrik analiz, Liquidambar orientalis, sigla odunu, termal bozulma, dogal yangin geciktiriciler
The aim of the recent study was to investigate the effect of extractives on the thermal behavior of heartwood extractives of Liquidambar orientalis Mill.
Some properties of the Liquidambar orientalis (Sigla agacinin bazi ozellikleri).
Ecology of tertiary relict endemic Liquidambar orientalis Mill.
Biological performance of Liquidambar orientalis Mill.
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and Liquidambar orientalis (ESP-25); LR02, on bark (ESP-26); LR03, EP on Populus sp, (ESP-39).
For smaller gardens, Liquidambar orientalis is the one to choose.
Other famous sweet gums, so-called because they give off a fragrant yellow resinous gum, include Oriental sweet gum, Liquidambar orientalis.