solvent extraction

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solvent extraction,

n a method of extracting essential oils in which chemical solvents dissolve plant resins and produce absolutes. Because trace amounts of the solvent remain in the oils so produced, many aroma-therapists do not use solvent extracted absolutes. See also absolute.
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Solvent extraction.
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A liquid-liquid extraction procedure is used to separate this compound from food matrices.
Feed concentration for the crosscurrent liquid-liquid extraction (LLE) process for each system Extraction system Feed concentration [%.
A deep desulfurization process for light oil by photosensitized oxidation using a triplet photosensitizer and hydrogen peroxide in an oil/water two-phase liquid-liquid extraction system // Ind.
Too, processing the samples doesn't require a 12-hour wait, as can happen with liquid-liquid extraction of vegetables.
A rubber transfer gasket to improve the throughput of liquid-liquid extraction in 96-well plates: application to vitamin D testing.
For readers from academia or commerce who have a basic understanding of conventional liquid-liquid extraction, German scientists and engineers report on recent research into the industrial-scale extraction of flavorings, fragrances, pharmaceuticals, and other materials from plants.
Unlike labor intensive liquid-liquid extraction and complicated solid phase extraction methods, ISOLUTE SLE+ columns use a simple 3-step methodology, simply load, wait 5 minutes and elute.
Processes using sulphite waste liquors as the feedstock produced lignin via the following steps: lignin extraction by acidification of the liquor, alkaline oxidation of the lignin, acidification converting the vanillin salt to vanillin, liquid-liquid extraction to remove vanillin from the aqueous solution and distillation to separate vanillin from the solvent.
Liquid-Liquid Extraction in Environmental Analysis (Toh Ming Hii and Hian Kee Lee, Department of Chemistry, National University of Singapore).
Sample preparation involved a liquid-liquid extraction requiring 200 [micro]L sample with [D.
Keywords: height-dependence, holdup, liquid-liquid extraction, pulsed column, pulsation frequency, pulsation amplitude
Liqui-Cel(R) membrane-assisted, liquid-liquid extraction technology developed by Hoechst Celanese's Charlotte-based Separations Products Division permits extraction and transfer of a component from one fluid to another without mixing the two liquids.

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