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1. a substance that flows readily in its natural state.
2. flowing readily; neither solid nor gaseous.
liquid diet a diet limited to the intake of liquids or foods that can be changed to a liquid state; it may be restricted to clear liquids or it may be a full liquid diet.
Clear Liquid Diet. This is a temporary diet of clear liquids without residue. It is not nutritionally adequate, and is used in some acute illnesses and infections, postoperatively (especially after gastrointestinal surgery), and to reduce fecal matter in the colon. Foods allowed include water, tea, coffee, fat-free broth, carbonated beverages, synthetic fruit juices, plain gelatin, and sugar.
Full Liquid Diet. This diet can be nutritionally adequate with careful planning. It is used for acute gastritis, as a transition between clear liquid and soft diet, and in conditions in which there is intolerance to solid food. Milk, strained soups, and fruit juices are allowed. Foods that liquefy at body temperature, such as ice cream, flavored gelatin, and soft custards, can be included. Cereal gruels and eggnogs are allowed. When a full liquid diet is used as a tube feeding it must be of a consistency that will allow easy passage through the tube. Most full liquid diets are given in feedings every 2 to 4 hours.
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liq·uid (l),

1. An inelastic substance (for example, water) that is neither solid nor gaseous and in which the molecules are relatively free to move with respect to each other yet still are restricted by intermolecular forces.
2. Flowing like water.
[L. liquidus]
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1. An inelastic substance, like water, which is neither solid nor gaseous and in which the molecules are relatively free to move with respect to each other yet still are restricted by intermolecular forces.
2. Flowing like water.
[L. liquidus]
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Patient discussion about liquid

Q. I need some liquid diet program to reduce my weight. This is Goodday of 23 years old. I need some liquid diet program to reduce my weight.

A. Hi I’m following a liquid diet program by drinking a protein shake 3 to 4 times a day along with 3 small meals. Initially start by taking protein shake every 3 hours for a total of 4 shakes with no other foods. Do it for some time and not all days. If you follow this diet for 3 days/week then you can lose 1 pound each week on this program.

Q. I am planning to have a liquid diet to reduce my weight and to get shape. Is liquid or solid diet a nutritious and best diet? I am planning to have a liquid diet to reduce my weight and to get shape.

A. It’s a debatable issue to be frank. Liquid diet are emphasized to suite the calorie requirements for the dieters. General researches have shown that both give the same amount of nutrition. But one cannot survive with the liquid diet. You can have sold diet also that is less in fat content to meet your calorie requirement. Liquid diets are blunt to taste. But from the level of nutrition, no such differences are found. Irrespective of liquid or solid diet, one must watch out the calorie requirements to suit him/her.

Q. I need to take an iron supplement. Is there any difference in effectiveness; liquid vs.pills? Any suggestions?

A. There is not much difference between oral pills or liguid. Both are efficient if taken properly and both have side effects that are considered disturbing such as constipation, bad taste and nausea.

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