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A trade mark for correction fluid which has become a generic term for any opaque, white—or, less commonly, other type page colours—fluid, applied to typed pages to cover typed errors. Correction fluids have contained volatile chlorinated hydrocarbon solvents, at first toluene, which was banned as it is carcinogenic, then trichloroethane, which was banned because it depletes the ozone layer, then tricholoethylene and bromopropane. These organic solvents have psychoactive effects when deliberately inhaled—‘huffed’ or ‘sniffed’
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It is used in film application, heavy duty industrial bags, injection molding parts, liquid paper board coatings, pond liners, wires and cables, carrier bags, and pipes.
She called her invention Mistake Out in 1956 and it was later changed to Liquid Paper when she started her own company.
Imagine if Bette Nesmith Graham had never invented Liquid Paper Correction Fluid.
His mother reported that her son's hallucinations included "20-foot snakes" and that he was sniffing Liquid Paper.
His mother Bette Nesmith Graham was the inventor of Liquid Paper correcting fluid and bequeathed him $25million in her will when she died in the 1970s.
While Michael was a 13-yearold schoolboy, Bette invented the typewriter correction fluid which would later become the Liquid Paper empire, before her business was sold to Gillette for pounds 30 million.
I introduced Liquid Paper as a correction media," Ms.
Pointing to the Arizona Court of Appeals Division Two as one shining example to follow, Judge Griffen wrote: "I do not understand why it makes sense for our appellate process, in which lawyers and judges no longer rely upon carbon paper, manual typewriters, and liquid paper for preparing briefs and opinions, to operate as if the Internet does not exist and word processing was science fiction.
When Liquid Paper was a popular pick for bagging, manufacturers removed the solvent that could make people high, said Geller.
Once the sketch is finished, I'll eliminate any mistakes by using liquid paper and then I'll trace the sketch on to cartridge paper to produce the final cartoon.
The typist correction fluid Liquid Paper was invented by Bette Nesmith Graham, mother of Michael Nesmith, who was a member of The Monkees.