Liquid Based Cytology

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A method for preparing cytological specimens—in particular from the cervix—for microscopic evaluation in which the patient specimen is suspended in a liquid, which is used to produce a thin layer of cells
Pros Fewer false negative specimens, standarisation of the preparation, better cell preservation, fewer inadequate samples, prevention of overly thick cell clusters, elimination of air drying artefact, removal of debris and inflammation, allows HPV testing on remaining specimen
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The study showed that there was change in the severity of dysplasia obtained after LEEP preceded by colposcopy when as compared to cytology alone as 4 patients were identified to have microinvasive carcinoma which was missed by liquid based cytology (LBC) alone.
YD's core business units are clinical chemistry, molecular diagnostics and liquid based cytology.
Through CytoGlobe, a wholly owned subsidiary, MEDITE offers a full range of products for Cytology labs, specifically liquid based cytology cancer screening supplies and instruments.
Accuracy of reading liquid based cytology slides using the ThinPrep Imager compared with conventional cytology: prospective study.
The latest Liquid Based Cytology screening technology is being rolled out in all parts of Wales.
With the new Liquid Based Cytology test, the cells are sent to a laboratory protected in a sealed bottle of liquid, producing more accurate results.
The July 7, 2007 edition of the BMJ, titled "Advantages of Liquid Based Cytology," also includes a commentary describing the ThinPrep Imaging System and an editorial confirming the advantages of this technology.
Tenders are invited for Fully Automated Liquid Based Cytology System
The patent, registered under No 8,883,414, pertains to the use of the test on clinical patient samples, such as cervical tissue specimen, remnant Pap-smear fluid or liquid based cytology.
2) The good news is that 92% of cases can be detected and treated if women undergo regular pelvic examination, Pap test and liquid based cytology.
A comparison of HPV DNA testing and liquid based cytology over three rounds of primary cervical screening: extended follow up in the ARTISTIC trial.
The PCT's cervical screening service, following government guidelines, has introduced a Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) system which maximises cell retrieval and reduces tRhe need for repeat tests and improves cytology reporting times.