Liquid Based Cytology

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A method for preparing cytological specimens—in particular from the cervix—for microscopic evaluation in which the patient specimen is suspended in a liquid, which is used to produce a thin layer of cells
Pros Fewer false negative specimens, standarisation of the preparation, better cell preservation, fewer inadequate samples, prevention of overly thick cell clusters, elimination of air drying artefact, removal of debris and inflammation, allows HPV testing on remaining specimen
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Basically it's the doctor saying, "Sorry I can't give you an answer." With the new Liquid Based Cytology (LBC) testing (see opposite), this will occur less.
After screening has been initiated, it should be done annually with conventional cervical cytology smears or every 2 years using liquid based cytology.
Earlier this year he relinquished his European export director's role with CellPath to concentrate on developing the company's sales of the AutoCyte PREP liquid based cytology system in the UK and Ireland for United States manufacturers TriPath Imaging.
Manual Liquid Based Cytology is strongly advocated as it improves sample quality and reduces the likelihood of false negative results by removing obscuring factors.
Through CytoGlobe, a wholly owned subsidiary, MEDITE offers a full range of products for Cytology labs, specifically liquid based cytology cancer screening supplies and instruments.
The latest Liquid Based Cytology screening technology is being rolled out in all parts of Wales.'
With the new Liquid Based Cytology test, the cells are sent to a laboratory protected in a sealed bottle of liquid, producing more accurate results.
The patent, registered under No 8,883,414, pertains to the use of the test on clinical patient samples, such as cervical tissue specimen, remnant Pap-smear fluid or liquid based cytology.