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1. A cell with a protoplasm that contains single and double granules of varying size stainable with hematoxylin; seen in lesions of lichen planus. Synonym(s): Lipschütz cell
2. A lymphocyte with a cleaved nucleus.
3. A nondividing, activated B cell that expresses membrane immunoglobulin.
[centro- + G. kytos, cell]
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(sĕn′trō-sīt) [″ + kytos, cell]
Any of the stages of B lymphocytes found in the center of lymphatic follicles.
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Benjamin, Austrian physician, 1878-1931.
Lipschütz cell - a cell whose protoplasm contains single and double granules of varying size, stainable with hematoxylin. Synonym(s): centrocyte
Lipschütz erythema - Synonym(s): Afzelius erythema
Lipschütz ulcer - a simple acute ulceration of the vulva or lower vagina of nonvenereal origin. Synonym(s): ulcus vulvae acutum
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