Benjamin, Austrian physician, 1878-1931. See: Lipschütz cell.
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revival is directed by David Lipschutz and stars Trevor Bates, Darren Patin and Deanalis Resto as the teens.
Lipschutz, CCE, CICP, French Gerleman Electric Company
He came to the album name and title track one day when he and his poet/songwriter friend Kurt Lipschutz were hanging out, trying to spark inspiration for music.
Hathersage was founded by Bill Lipschutz, who leads a team of highly experienced FX specialists who have worked together for more than two decades.
Alejandro Lipschutz asistio tambien, pero por su cuenta.
The term "pigmentocracy" was coined by Chilean anthropologist Alejandro Lipschutz to refer to the ethnic and color-based hierarchies of Latin America.
For example, electromyographic (EMG) signals represent the neuromuscular control and have been explored to build intuitive voluntary connection between the amputees and robotic lower-extremity prostheses (Huang, Kuiken, and Lipschutz 2009; Huang, et al.
On the one hand, the elegantly installed show, curated by Franklin Sirmans and Yael Lipschutz, has arrived during a moment of renewed art-world attention to African American elder statesmen, from Ed Clark to Stanley Whitney; it also contributes to recent efforts to rethink the racial politics of assemblage in the context of the Southern California scene, as emblematized by Kellie Jones's important 2011 exhibition "Now Dig This
This volume recounts the life and career of Hungarian chess player Samuel Lipschutz (1863-1905).
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