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A gene on chromosome 12q15 that encodes high-mobility group (non-histone chromosomal) protein isoform I-C, which regulates transcription by acting on CCNA2. It plays a key role in chromosome condensation during the meiotic G2/M transition of spermatocytes. A variation of HMGA2 was identified as an “intelligence gene” by researchers working with Project ENIGMA.


See Lipoprotein (a. ).

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Q. can lypoma be cure with age of 45 female 100% i have lypoma at back between arm from long time my age is 45 also has problem of sorises let me know how can it be cured

A. Nothing is 100% in medicine, so no one can guarantee you anything. However, provided it's indeed lipoma (a benign tumor, not cancer which is called liposarcoma), then it's not suppose to cause any specific problems after it's removed surgically.

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