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Oncology A proprietary iodized oily agent that selectively remains in tumors for prolonged periods of time, and enhances the efficacy of certain chemotherapeutics

Lipiodol (lipē´ōdəl), the brand name for an iodized oil used as an opaque contrast medium in radiography. When it is laced within periodontal pockets and radiographs are made, the depth and topography of periodontal pockets may be ascertained.
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a radiopaque material at one time used as a contrast agent for salivary duct delineation and similar external tasks.
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Tenders invited for Supply of Lipiodol sterile, pale yellow colour ethiodized oil fluid containing ethyl esters of iodized fatty acids of poppy seed oil, 480mg of iodine per ml.
The FLUSH trial--flushing with lipiodol for unexplained (and endometriosis-related) subfertility by hysterosalpingography: a randomized trial.
TACE was first performed and computed tomography was performed immediately after TACE, and the lesions with poor lipiodol deposition were subjected to simultaneous RFA.
Balloonoccluded retrograde transvenous obliteration (BRTO) of the gastrorenal shunt was performed, and follow-up abdomen CECT revealed lipiodol retention with thrombosis of the gastric varices (Figure 1d, arrow).
The ratio of NBCA to Lipiodol is determined based on lesion flow dynamics, with more concentrated NBCA being used for higher flow lesions.
Shona Matthews (Auckland-Northland) discussed the research and therapeutic use of Lipiodol, oil-based contrast media, for uterine flushing, particularly effective for endometriosis based infertility and Maria May Ragot and Sabina Nazeem discussed improving CTC attendance and quality of study through telephone assessment.
Treatment methods: All patients were subjected to UAE by using an emulsion of embolic agent lipiodol and pingyangmycin, with Ultravist 370 as the contrast agent.
Durante la cirugia se inyecto Lipiodol en el quiste y se tomaron placas radiograficas para conocer su tamano y localizacion; en la cirugia participo el Doctor Bustamante y seguramente el fue quien tuvo la idea de inyectar el medio de contraste (4), en el mismo ano publico el primer tumor de la Pineal en Colombia, tumor diagnosticado por la Yodoventriculografia (5) y en 1947 presento su tesis de grado mostrando su experiencia en 13 casos (6), esta tesis es de alta calidad cientifica, en ella se aprecia la correcta interpretacion de las imagenes.
A mixture of 50% of acrylic-glue (Glubran 2) and Lipiodol ultrafluid was injected up to the complete occlusion of the lesion (Figure 4).
Balloon-occluded transarterial chemoembolization (BTACE) using a microballoon catheter improves lipiodol emulsion accumulation in cancer nodules and, thus, local control compared with conventional transarterial chemoembolization [1-4].
Meanwhile, last week, a raid on pharmacies in Cairo and Daqahleya uncovered smuggled drugs including Tramadol and Lipiodol, and many other expired medicines and medical samples that should not be kept in pharmacies.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 23, 2013-Guerbet receives orphan drug designation for Lipiodol injection from US FDA(C)2013 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.