Rule of Five

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If the patient has five or more support lines—e.g., NG tube, Foley catheter, central line, TPN drip, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO)—then the patient is in critical condition and should be placed in the ICU/ITU
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These initial hits, were subjected to filtering via Lipinski's rule of five to predict drug like molecules.
The properties of each hit ligand have been studied for Lipinski's rule of five to know that the retrieved hits have druglike properties.
To predict the drugability of initial hits, these hits were filtered on Lipinski's rule of five (Table-1).
The famous Lipinski's Rule of Five, for example, uses measures such as a molecular mass cutoff of 500 daltons to evaluate whether a compound might be absorbed and used by the body.
Lipinski's rule of five is of great help in the evaluation of drug like properties of compounds.
The candidate drugs were screened for their physico-chemical properties based on the Lipinski's Rule of Five (RO5) by using two web based servers named molinspiration and OSIRIS property explorer [28].