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Container; receptacle.
[L.L. buxis, fr. G. puxis, box tree]
Informatics See Jukebox
Medspeak verb To place in a coffin after death
Microbiology See Glove box
Molecular biology noun A repeated oligonucleotide ‘motif’ seen in multiple sites along DNA, which functions as a signal for gene transcription or gene regulation
Meteorology A severe thunderstorm or tornado
Psychology See Skinner box


a group of NUCLEOTIDES that form a sequence, usually a CONSENSUS SEQUENCE, with a known function. See for example PRIBNOW BOX, TATA BOX.


1. an ornamental shrub. See buxus sempervirens.
2. accommodation for a single horse averaging 10 ft × 12 ft in dimensions. Called also loose box.
3. to mix groups of sheep (box them up).
4. a repeating sequence of nucleotides that forms a transcription or a regulatory signal.

CAT box
a sequence associated with polymerase II activity.
Hogness box
see Pribnow box (below).
Pribnow box
the sequence of 5 to 10 bases in the promotor region of Escherichia coli genes. It is a variant of a basic sequence TATAATG. See also TATA box (below).
TATA box
a eukaryotic DNA sequence usually TATAAATA, similar to the Pribnow box of Escherichia coli, occurring in the promotor region 25 to 30 bases upstream from the transcriptional start site and required for mRNA chain initiation.
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