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Container; receptacle.
[L.L. buxis, fr. G. puxis, box tree]
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Informatics See Jukebox
Medspeak verb To place in a coffin after death
Microbiology See Glove box
Molecular biology noun A repeated oligonucleotide ‘motif’ seen in multiple sites along DNA, which functions as a signal for gene transcription or gene regulation
Meteorology A severe thunderstorm or tornado
Psychology See Skinner box
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a group of NUCLEOTIDES that form a sequence, usually a CONSENSUS SEQUENCE, with a known function. See for example PRIBNOW BOX, TATA BOX.
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"The Linux Box has in-depth expertise and an excellent track record in supporting open source applications," noted Michael Walton, CEO and founder of Opsera Limited.
The Linux Box has shown steady growth in the last decade, continuing to expand in spite of the current economic climate.
Leo Laporte's 2005 Technology Almanac (0789733196, $29.99, 512 pages) by Leo Laporte & Michael Miller is a very highly recommended instructional reference compilation of all-new material that includes a broad swath of consumer technologies, including PCs, Macs, Linux boxes, PVRs (TiVo), MP3 players, cell phones, Pocket PCs, laptops, and GPS units.
Although most of the world uses Internet Explorer, on IBM-type PCs, a significant minority will be accessing your web site on Apple Macs or Linux boxes, via Mozilla, or Opera, or any of a welter of other browsers out there.
Otherwise, they would have to run WebSphere within a Linux partition on a mainframe, or offload WebSphere to a set of separate Unix, Windows, or Linux boxes linked to the mainframe.
Perhaps the most dramatic U-turn was made by Sun Microsystems, which said in 2002 that it would develop Intel-based Linux boxes, reversing a 20-year strategy of only producing servers based on its own proprietary chip architecture.
A Norwegian court finds that a program allowing users to play DVDs on Linux boxes is not an illegal tool for pirates.

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