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Linus C., U.S. chemist and Nobel laureate, 1901-1994. See: Pauling theory, Pauling-Corey helix.

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Q. I would like some information on high blood pressure, Paul

A. It's diagnosed by measuring the blood pressure several times, it doesn't cause any symptoms but in the long run it's very dangerous. It can be treated quite successfully with medications, although they have to be taken indefinitely.

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In addition to her role as a Principal Investigator and Director of the Oxidative & Nitrative Stress Core at the Linus Pauling Institute, Dr Traber is Professor in the Nutrition programme in the School of Biological and Population Health Sciences in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences at Oregon State University.
Drake, PhD, is Manager, Micronutrient Information Center, Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA
The following day our group was honored to have a private tour of the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Special Collection.
Durante cerca de sesenta anos Linus Pauling estuvo fascinado con la idea de poder entender por que hay organismos vivos en cualquier rincon de la Tierra, que mecanismos habian sido los causantes del surgimiento de la vida y en que consiste esa capacidad que muestran tantas formas distintas de vida de reproducirse de forma tan precisa.
Prof Lipscomb, himself a proteg of two-time Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, died on Thursday night at Mt Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts, of pneumonia and complications from a fall, according to his son, James.
He is the Linus Pauling Chair Professor Chemistry and Professor of Physics at the California Institute of Technology.
In this critical analysis of the latest scientific and clinical research on the health benefits of plant-based foods and dietary phytochemicals, Higdon (who was with the Linus Pauling Institute, Oregon State U.
Linus Pauling discovered that many were spiral shaped.
Enhanced with 74 photographs, cross-references, an extensive bibliography, a general index, and two subject indexes (one by discipline and one by year of birth) the scientists range from Rachel Carson, to Edwin Hubble, to Linus Pauling, to Werner von Braun.
Additional resveratrol background was compiled by the Linus Pauling Institute.
Our most famous collection of documents is that of Linus Pauling, a very famous chemist and two-time Nobel Prize winner," says Ryan Wick, an OSU information technology consultant.