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(lĭ-nē′əs, -nā′-), Carolus Known as "Karl Linné.". 1707-1778.
Swedish botanist and founder of the modern binomial classification system for plants and animals.
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Pinus taeda Linnaeus [ancient name for resinous pines].
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PILULARIA {pill-yoo-LARE-ee-uh} Linnaeus 1754 * Pillworts * [Latin pilula, referring to the tiny ball-like sporocarps.
Linnaeus coined Commelina after three members of the Dutch family Commelin, two of whom had prospered.
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PTERIS {TARE-iss} Linnaeus 1753 * Brake Ferns * [Greek pteris, fern, derived from pteron, wing or feather, for the closely spaced pinnae, which give the leaves a likeness to feathers.
First, Bremer points out that although Linnaeus presented systems for both classification and nomenclature, only the naming system has endured.
ASPLENIUM {ess-PLEEN-ee-um} Linnaeus 1753 * Spleenworts * [Greek splen, for spleen; once thought useful for diseases of the spleen.
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EQUISETUM {eh-quih-SEE-tum} Linnaeus 1753 * Horsetails * [Latin equus, horse, and seta, bristle; the bushy, branching pattern in some species somewhat resemble a horse's tail.
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