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A traditional branch of metaphysics that deals with problems of being, existence, inner nature, meaning, etc. It is fundamental to problems involving normality and disease, individuality, responsibility, and the analysis of values. In recent years, it has been slowly assuming a place as a branch of medicine proper.


A formal specification of how to represent relationships among objects, concepts, and other entities belonging to a particular area of human experience or knowledge.

ontology (n·tˑ·l·gē),

n the metaphysical study of the state of being: focuses on the fundamentals of identity, disease, normalcy, and belief systems as they influence a person's existence.
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13) The full potential of linked open data, therefore, depends on the way we make data available, or the way that the data can be identified and connected with other data via discoverable links that express an array of meaningful relationships.
His main research areas are Linked Open Data, Semantic Web, Social Semantic Web and Digital Libraries.
Other topics include a modular approach to discovering seed ontologies from text, a service-oriented data acquisition framework, reference ontologies for efficient linked open data management, and the extraction of multiword terms from Wikipedia.
Objective: The Copernicus App Lab aims at bridging the digital divide between the established, science-driven Earth observation community and the young, innovative, entrepreneurial world of mobile developers by establishing of a proof-of-concept for providing the data from the Copernicus Land, Marine Environment and Atmosphere Monitoring Services as Linked Open Data (LOD) for take-up of EO data in mobile applications.
It is key to bringing together the right combination of expertise--whether that expertise is supplied by a programmer who has an understanding of linked open data, stable web URIs (Uniform Resource Identifiers), or APIs; a librarian who is able to assist in finding an additional external dataset for the work in hand; or a scholar from a different country (or even an entirely different discipline) who holds the key to better understanding of a topic.
Promoting open data usage with world's first freely available storage and query platform that utilizes Linked Open Data
Given that we developed two traditional mashups using library-specific protocols during the first phase, we were eager to see how a more generic and open method of connecting our FRBRized records with sources in the Linked Open Data cloud would work.
Development of software application for working with linked open data, ensuring technical compatibility and interconnection of information and objects stored in the so-called.
SWIB14, the Semantic Web in Libraries Conference, focuses on linked open data (LOD) developments that affect libraries.
To achieve these objectives City4Age builds on:- behavioural, sociological and clinical research on frailty and MCI in the elderly population;- state of art ICT technology (i) for sensing personal data and exposing them as linked open data, (ii) for designing the algorithms and the APIs to extract relevant behaviour changes and correlated risks, and (iii) for designing interventions to counter the risks,- stakeholder engagement in order to be driven by relevant user needs to ensure end-user acceptance.
Librarians and information service professionals will share their experiences with linked open data at the Semantic Web In Libraries (SWIB11) conference, which centers on Scholarly Communication In The Web Of Data.
In addition, by properly incorporating information from external databases, such as linked open data (LOD)(1), while also using a knowledge-based dialogue creation technology that automatically learns response options for natural dialogue from records, Fujitsu Laboratories has developed technology that can autonomously conduct dialogue.