Web Rage

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Extreme anger caused by internet (world wide web) frustrations such as slow downloads, broken links, and searches that return useless information
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Link rot has been described in a variety of ways, but the most concise
definition indicates that link rot is "the tendency of hyperlinks
of web material fall prey to link rot, a 2003 study showed that
Nebraska research measure the extent of 'link rot' in distance education.
Now, almost 2 decades in, link rot has ballooned into a major problem, far beyond the simple annoyance of being confronted with a 404-error page (wordspy.com/words/404 .asp).
Link rot also plagues the corpus of scientific literature, which is worrisome because the advancement of science is so dependent upon earlier research.
* "'Link Rot' Limits the Usefulness of Web-Based Educational Materials in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology" (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education-, DOI: 10.1002/bmb .2003.494031010165)
(59) The Court of Criminal Appeals had the largest rate of link rot, (60) with nearly half of its citations no longer valid.
(66) As a whole, the data show an upward trajectory of link rot with the passage of time.
Finally, the Supreme Court's pattern of link failure is consistent with that of the other courts: typically the older the opinion, the higher the rate of link rot. (72) For example, only one of the thirteen citations made prior to 2002 is still working, while for the last five years of the study, 30.70 percent of the court's citations no longer work.
Perma.cc has been developed by the three authors of the draft study on link rot in Supreme Court opinions.
Studies on the rate of link rot and reference rot are increasing.