Web Rage

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Extreme anger caused by internet (world wide web) frustrations such as slow downloads, broken links, and searches that return useless information
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48) Although link rot may be a mere annoyance to the casual
One study investigating the incidence of link rot in the three
illustrate that link rot has infiltrated the professional scientific
The phenomenon of link rot in law is troublesome because citations
In May of 2009, to help resolve some of these link rot issues, the
Finally, the Supreme Court's pattern of link failure is consistent with that of the other courts: typically the older the opinion, the higher the rate of link rot.
The most dependable domain type with the least link rot was the commercial sites, with 25.
Link rot has been a concern and point of discussion of commentators who have studied Internet-citation practice of courts, and this study indicates that the Texas appellate courts are no exception.
Anecdotally, it appears that courts are more inclined to cite to Internet resources for secondary authority, and if that is the case, perhaps link rot is not such a large issue.
Link rot has been a concern and point of discussion for authors who have studied the Internet-citation practice of other courts, and this study indicates that similar concern is appropriate in Texas.