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action taken to fulfill a task.
performance components formerly, in occupational therapy, aspects of functional ability required for occupational performance; they were grouped into sensorimotor, cognitive, and psychological subcategories.
ineffective role performance a nursing diagnosis accepted by the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association, defined as patterns of behavior and self-expression that do not match the environmental context, norms, and expectations; this may be a change in self-perception or perception by someone else, a denial of role, a conflict between roles, a change in capacity to perform a role, or some other change.
occupational performance in occupational therapy, performance of all the activities that make up the individual's lifestyle; see also performance components.
role performance the fulfilling of an expected pattern of behavior.
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Organized patterns of behavior that are characteristic or expected of a person in a given situation.
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Patient discussion about performance

Q. Need help for my son, 7 years.I am worried that his academic performance shouldn’t get affected. Need help for my son, 7 years. He doesn’t take his food in time. He likes milk a lot; say 3-4 glasses, especially in chocolate milk forms. He enjoys good health but he is thin and suffers from constipation. I am worried that his academic performance shouldn’t get affected.

A. Milk is good for kids. But consumption of abnormal volume could cause constipation. Consumption of more milk reduces the water intake which in turn paves the way for constipation. He needs to have balanced diet containing fats and carbohydrates to ensure weight gain. Make sure that he takes more of fruits and vegetables in his diet. Juice will provide with other nutrients like minerals as well give the required water content, which would reduce the constipation. Try this and if there be problem, consult your physician.

Q. I have a doubt whether performing yoga during pregnancy is good or not? Hi, my wife is 3 weeks pregnant. She is doing Yoga regularly. I have a doubt whether performing yoga during pregnancy is good or not?

A. hi...This is Prashantmurti...I m a Yoga Teacher by profession...
Yoga has many dimentions...its not only Asanas...but it has Pranayamas, Relaxation and Meditation practices also...After 3 monthe moths of pregnance ur wife can do simple joints practices, few calming pranayamas including abdominal breathing (which helps in pregnance, Relaxation and mediation practice...If possible find a Yoga teacher from Satyananda Yoga (Bihar Yoga) and take practical guidance
Happy New Year

Q. Can yoga be performed with some other illness such as back pain? My low back pain has made me near lazy and stressful. It happed while lifting a heavy luggage when in emergency. I had to lift 3 extra large boxes for loading in to a container lorry. This has made some stretch in my back, which still pains and I fear getting it worse. It hurts me so badly that I am not able to even exercise. For long I have been thinking of doing yoga. Yoga gives peace of mind as well as mental strength. But can yoga be performed with some other illness such as back pain?

A. A) Before trying yoga you must consult with your doctor. Mild low back pain can be healed with simple medications. It is quite natural to get back pain if you lift abnormal weight suddenly. If you regularly lift weights, then it will not hurt you. As far as yoga is concerned, it is very good for mind and body and is definitely liked with mental
happiness. Get trained under a qualified trainer. You can start with yoga once you recover fully from the low back pain.

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Through the modification of tradition pronouns and phonetic features, genderqueer individuals in this community created gender ambiguous non-normative linguistic performances. Through the creative use of clothing, style, and their bodies, they were able to perform gender in variable and creative ways.
We assume that for each indicator, linguistic performance values about the alternatives are provided by means of reciprocal linguistic preference relations, and [v.sub.ij] = Neg ([v.sub.ji]) and [v.sub.ii] = -.
This being the case, how could we possibly prepare in advance the sentences that someone else may wish to speak in the future without violating the rules of language or linguistic performance?
There, an underlying ideology links linguistic performance to patrilineal descent and prohibits marriage between speakers of the same language.
According to Fodor, the grammatical faculty resides in a module of the mind specialized for that purpose, but observable linguistic performance possesses no such module.
However, subtypes of Primary Language and Learning Disorders are clinically evident in this population each with characteristic patterns of nonlinguistic and linguistic performance deficits (Ellis Robinson, 1987).
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