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Through the modification of tradition pronouns and phonetic features, genderqueer individuals in this community created gender ambiguous non-normative linguistic performances. Through the creative use of clothing, style, and their bodies, they were able to perform gender in variable and creative ways.
We assume that for each indicator, linguistic performance values about the alternatives are provided by means of reciprocal linguistic preference relations, and [v.sub.ij] = Neg ([v.sub.ji]) and [v.sub.ii] = -.
This being the case, how could we possibly prepare in advance the sentences that someone else may wish to speak in the future without violating the rules of language or linguistic performance?
There, an underlying ideology links linguistic performance to patrilineal descent and prohibits marriage between speakers of the same language.
According to Fodor, the grammatical faculty resides in a module of the mind specialized for that purpose, but observable linguistic performance possesses no such module.
However, subtypes of Primary Language and Learning Disorders are clinically evident in this population each with characteristic patterns of nonlinguistic and linguistic performance deficits (Ellis Robinson, 1987).
Masoma bint Habib al-Ajmaya, the Advisor of the Minister of Education for Development of Linguistic Performance, titled (Factors Associated with Levels of Student Performance in Reading), in which she addressed the questionnaires that are provided with PIRLS2011 tests The third paper, entitled (Factors Associated with Levels of Student Performance in Mathematics and Science to 4th and 8th Graders) by Ali bin Juma al-Rasbi, Deputy Director of the International Studies Programme at the Directorate General of Educational Evaluation.
He differentiates linguistic competence from linguistic performance, claiming that the later has to do with the use of language.
Enhancing Linguistic Performance: Parents and Teachers as Book Reading Partners for Children with Language Delays.