Linguatula serrata

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Lin·guat·u·la ser·ra·'ta

a species most common in Europe, but also found in the U.S., South America, and probably elsewhere; the adult is a whitish, soft, flattened, anulated worm equipped with hooks by which it attaches itself to the nasal mucosa of dogs and other canids; the larvae develop in the liver and lymph nodes of rodents, swine, cattle, and sometimes humans and other primates.
Synonym(s): Linguatula rhinaria

Linguatula serrata

(ling-gwa′chŭ-lă se-rāt′ă)
An arthropod parasite in snakes, commonly known as the tongue worm. Its larvae, nymphs, and adults occasionally infect humans. Ingested infective larvae migrate to the nasal passages and may cause a parasitic nasopharyngeal obstruction known as linguatulosis.


a genus of parasites in the class Pentastomida.

Linguatula serrata
adults occur in the nasal cavities of canines and larvae in mesenteric lymph nodes of the horse, goat, sheep and rabbit. Causes sneezing and a bloody nasal discharge. The larval stages may be confused with tuberculosis.