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(sĕk′tor) [L., cutter]
1. The area of a circle included between two radii and an arc.
2. The physical location for a specific activity designated in the incident management system.

rehab sector

The location at a multiple-casualty incident, fire, or hazardous materials incident where rescue personnel are sent to be medically monitored, rehydrated, cooled off, or warmed, as the situation warrants.

staging sector

A location within a minute or two’s response to the scene of a multiple-casualty incident, hazmat incident, or major fire where emergency vehicles and personnel are assigned to wait till they are needed at the location.

transport sector

At a multiple-casualty incident, the place where ambulances or helicopters, or both, are brought in to transport patients to hospitals. At the transport sector, decisions are made regarding where to send patients with specialized problems, and the status of triaged patients is discussed with receiving facilities.

treatment sector

The location at a multiple-casualty incident where patients' needs are prioritized and their injuries or illnesses are initially managed before they are taken to a hospital.

triage sector

In a multiple-casualty incident, the place where patients are sorted and separated according to the acuity of their illnesses or injuries before they are transported to a treatment sector or hospital.
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They state that:</p> <pre> prices are predicted to vary across firms depending upon firm default risk, but prices of different lines of business within a given firm are not expected to vary after controlling for liability growth rates by line.
I have had the opportunity to meet with representatives from large IT departments from all over the world and a large majority of them make the same comment: Understanding how fast storage needs are growing and where--in which lines of business, associated with which applications--is a significant issue today and for the future.
1) (*) All property and services provided by the employer to its customers must be available exclusively through the lines of business with no remainder of the employer's operations existing outside of the separate lines.
TEI devoted considerable attention to the tests for determination of "separate" lines of business, including separate financial accountability, workforce, management, and tangible assets.
Managing such an infrastructure also requires companies to allocate valuable management time and resources they otherwise might devote to developing new lines of business or finding new territories that would be more profitable.
According to the preamble, Congress was concerned about the economic disadvantage that employers could face if the average benefit percentage test were applied on an employer-wide basis in those situations where the level of benefits varied significantly among the employer's separate lines of business for competitive market reasons.
First, the employer must determine how many lines of business it operates.
Because we can monitor everything in one place, the lines of business get the autonomy they need without any compromise in the standard and consistency of web delivery across the business.
The open design of FINEOS Claims allows for the rapid introduction of new products and services and will enable the organization to consolidate multiple lines of business onto a single platform.
Since the initial release of ClaimCenter in 2003, Guidewire[TM] has achieved a remarkable record of growth and market acceptance around the world and across carriers of diverse sizes and lines of business," said Donald Light, senior analyst in Celent's insurance group and author of Celent's Core Claims Systems Vendors 2006.
Figure 1: Insurance BPO services by lines of business globally, 2002-2008
Table 5: Application development outsourcing by lines of business, 2002-2008