linea arcuata

ar·cu·ate line

an arching or bow-shaped line. See: arcuate line of ilium, arcuate line of rectus sheath.
Synonym(s): linea arcuata [TA]
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Sternal shield is 165 (159-170) long, 162 (161-164) wide at the level coxae II and bearing three pairs of pilose setae and two pairs of pores: linea angulata and linea arcuata slightly curved with punctates, linea arcuata "M-shaped" with punctures; linea obiligue anterior with a smooth curved line; linea media transvera slightly curved, having small punctured on posterior; linea obilique posterior curved interiorly with punctures.
Linea arcuata on sternal shield short and more or less straight with end directed laterally or posteriorly M.
psoas minor and is present approximately in the middle of linea arcuata (Figure 2).