line spectrum

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line spec·trum

(līn spek'trŭm)
An emission spectrum of elements in which the emitted light bands cover a very narrow range of energies.
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The X-ray line spectra reveal energies of 8.80 keV and 10.46 keV, which correspond to Cu-[K.sub.[beta]1] and Pb-[L.sub.[alpha]2] lines with temporal evolution of X-ray pulses with specific Al foil thickness and Argon pressure of 1.7 mbar.
[.sup.192]Ir photon line spectra, including photons with energies greater than 10 keV.
Professor Kohn, working with Chemistry Professor Michael Morris, previously scanned a laser line across a section of bone to create individual Raman line spectra that could be pieced together to create a Raman image of the bone.