Jump the Queue

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To unfairly circumvent or abruptly move up on the organ recipient wait list
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There were three virtually in line jumping the final obstacle but it was Solwhit (7-4) who showed the best turn of foot to score by two and a half lengths.
Once again there are lots of subplots, but David seems to like that as well as setting/story line jumping. This explains why the time quilts occurred--they were caused by large nuclear explosions.
3 In a line jumping the last in the competitive handicap chase at Cheltenham, won by Knowhere.
According to research on the issue, line jumping is discouraged by a number of constraints, but if social pressure fails, physical force is seldom used to eject the intruder.
It would result in the number of journeys on the line jumping from 200,000 a year to more than a million by 2020.
So far, nearly 200 movie, TV and video titles have been released in the PSP's Universal Media Disc format from such studios as Paramount, Fox, Disney, Universal and Lions Gate, with more outfits including New Line jumping into the market in the coming months.
As the session progressed Ring identified that the children were starting to get to grips with the drill and was most impressed with one of the groups as they had developed a complex line jumping call.
This isn't a very strong race in terms of strength in depth, and I just can't see how, barring accidents, Hedgehunter isn't going to be bang in the firing line jumping the last.
But there is a quiet, steely confidence in the camp and I'll be surprised if Sparky is not in the firing line jumping the last.
In a race run at just an ordinary pace, there were still four in line jumping the last, but the winner quickened up the best to score by three lengths.