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, linctus (link'chūr, link'tŭs),
An electuary or a confection; originally a medicinal preparation taken by licking.
[L. lingo, pp. linctus, to lick]
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(12) South Africa permits the sale of up to 20 mg of codeine phosphate for solid preparations and codeine cough linctus is widely available as an OTC medicine which is higher per unit dose than sold in most countries in the EU.
Mae'n braf cael gwybod gan un sydd yn fferyllydd, a dwi'n gweld mod i'n "un o'r rhai hyn" - mi rydw i'n cofio Gees Linctus a'r pastilles yn iawn!
"An Emirati HIV patient identified as Khalid used to come to our hospital for treatment and doctors prescribed for him Actifed Compound Linctus," he said.
Taken with beans or as a linctus, honey alleviated difficult labour.
She complained of a cough and was prescribed strong cough linctus. Dr Malik did not ascertain whether Patient A smoked.
I recall one time she poured a bottle of Gee's Linctus cough syrup into the Sunday stew, all of us choking on the taste.
Some of the basic things you should have include ibuprofen and paracetamol (for headaches and temperatures), menthol and eucalyptus for blocked sinuses, throat pastilles, cough linctus, soluble aspirin (for gargling with sore throats), indigestion remedies, diarrhoea tablets and rehydration sachets, and plasters and antiseptic cream for cuts and grazes.
Philo-codeine Linctus is a cough suppressant that you can buy over the counter and works very well for dry coughs, but you would need to check with your dentist first to make sure it wouldn't interfere with any anaesthetic.
"The most misused drugs among men are codeine and linctus liquid-based cough mixtures, while women tend to abuse codeine-based painkilling tablets like Solphadeine, Neurofen and Co-codamol.
Mr Majeed said that at the time of the incident Hussain was also treating a cough with linctus medicine.
Medicines that can be taken while breastfeeding include most antibiotics; common painkillers, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen (but not aspirin); hay fever medicines, such as Clarityn and Zirtek; some cough medicines (a simple linctus or honey and lemon in hot water); asthma inhalers and normal doses of vitamins.