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, linctus (link'chūr, link'tŭs),
An electuary or a confection; originally a medicinal preparation taken by licking.
[L. lingo, pp. linctus, to lick]
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There was only one bottle of Actifed Compound Linctus in the pharmacy when Khalid made his threat but A.
Taken with beans or as a linctus, honey alleviated difficult labour.
Pheniramine Maleate 10mg, Cough Linctus paediatric 50ml, Tab Deriphyllin, Syp Salbutamol 2mg/ml, Syp Ondansteron, etc.
Mr Majeed said that at the time of the incident Hussain was also treating a cough with linctus medicine.
Medicines that can be taken while breastfeeding include most antibiotics; common painkillers, such as paracetamol and ibuprofen (but not aspirin); hay fever medicines, such as Clarityn and Zirtek; some cough medicines (a simple linctus or honey and lemon in hot water); asthma inhalers and normal doses of vitamins.
Mae'n siwr fod llawer o'r darllenwyr - yn enwedig y rhai hyen - wedi prynu ambell i botel o Gees Linctus yn y fferyllfa.
Medicines: Mandated to warn The Ministry of Health has now requires manufacturing companies to add labels to the following medications: Actifed compound Linctus, Actifed DM, Actifed Expectorant, Amydramine-II (sugar free), Amydramine expectorant, Amydramine II, Amydramine, Paediatric, Aurimel, Benylin, Benylin (paediatric), Bepro, Bronchophane, Bronchopront 15mg/5ml, Bronchopront 7.
TIMES are tough - it's reached the stage where you're not sure whether you can afford to splash out on the cough linctus to subdue that lingering man-flu - but there is some musical sunshine on the horizon to soothe the credit crunch blues.
The products affected are: Asda Children's Chesty Cough Syrup, Boots Chesty Cough Syrup One Year Plus, Boots Sore Throat and Cough Linctus One Year Plus, Buttercup Infant Cough Syrup, CalCough Chesty and Bell's Children's Chesty Caugh.
Showing more maturity, this is more robust and earthy, showing linctus characters.
1 Benylin cough syrup 2 Sudafed Decongestant 3 Covonia cough mixture 4 0lbas Oil Decongestant 5 Beechams Flu Plus 6 Lemsip Cold & Flu (Max) 7 Strepsils lozenges 8 Halls Soothers 9 Tixylix cough linctus 10 Venos cough mixture