Limnatis nilotica

Lim·na·tis ni·lot·i·ca

(lim-nā'tis nī-lot'i-kă),
The horse leech; a species of land-leech of southern Europe and northern Africa that may infest the nostrils or gullet and, by attaching itself to the mucous membrane, may cause hemorrhages and anemia in horses and other animals drinking leech-infested water.
[G. limnē, pool]


a genus of leeches in the class Hirudinea. Live in water and infest animals that pass through or drink the water.

Limnatis africana
found in the nasal cavity, vagina and urethra of humans, dogs and monkeys.
Limnatis nilotica
found in the pharynx and nasal cavity in all species. Causes anemia and local edema and obstruction.