Limnatis nilotica

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Lim·na·tis ni·lot·i·ca

(lim-nā'tis nī-lot'i-kă),
The horse leech; a species of land-leech of southern Europe and northern Africa that may infest the nostrils or gullet and, by attaching itself to the mucous membrane, may cause hemorrhages and anemia in horses and other animals drinking leech-infested water.
[G. limnē, pool]
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Observation on medical leech (Limnatis nilotica) in camel in Iraq.
Various causes of the conflict between Sparta and Messenia were adumbrated in antiquity, from mutual accusations of impiety at the border sanctuary of Artemis Limnatis to Spartan greed for the fertile lands of "broad Messene, Messene rich for plowing, rich for planting." (15) Although dates vary from authority to authority, the First Messenian War is traditionally placed in the later eighth century (in archaeological terms, roughly the Late Geometric period), the Second in the first half of the seventh century (the Early Archaic period).
Limassol Zoo said on Thursday its second baby vulture 'Lima', who was born and raised by his parents at the zoo has been handed over to the Game Fund to be moved to a special holding area near the village Limnatis so that he can interact with other vultures until he is released in to the wild.
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The newcomers will initially be held in specially-made facilities in Ay Yiannis in Paphos and Limassol's Limnatis in order to be acclimatised before some of them can be released, probably by the end of the year.
The first seven vultures arrived in Cyprus in June 2012 and are kept in holding cages in Limnatis in the Limassol district.
Further actions are building a new holding cage at Limnatis, building two new feeding areas and extending a cage in Ayios Yiannis in Paphos.
The community leader of Limnatis, where the burial site in question is located, said he was waiting for further instructions before taking any action.