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a person or group of persons serving as an available support and source of aid because of intellectual or personal capabilities.
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The components of a system–eg, equipment, space, and labor, available to perform a task Managed care The source of financial support–eg, insurance, personal income
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(rē′sors″, rē-sors′) [Fr. ressourse, relief, resource]
1. An asset, valuable commodity, or service.
2. Anything, e.g., medical supplies, held in reserve.

renewable resource

Any material that replenishes itself, grows naturally in the environment, or is constant, e.g., vegetable matter and wood, solar radiation, wave action, or wind.
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  1. any potential product of an area.
  2. a food supply.
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Q. What resources are available in Seattle, Washington to help with an autistic child?

A. i miss Seattle... here is a link to "Autism Spectrum Treatment and Research (ASTAR) Center". a well know establishment:

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The unified value of integrated evaluation comes up to one under high effectiveness of limited resource allocation, if not to zero.
In summary, children with and without learning problems differed in their behavior during an actual limited resource problem.
Someone, somewhere will be faced with the task of equitably distributing the limited resources available to pay for the care of Baby Boy-X and Baby Girl-Y.
(We did everything we could given our limited resources. Unlike our rivals, Senator Grace and I lack the funds and the party.
They add further burden to the already limited resources of the agency.
The conference will highlight the impact of the large influx of refugees on the countryaACAOs limited resources.
"He did a really good job there with limited resources, getting them to the semi-finals of the national cup competition and he's experienced winning two promotions with them in the lower leagues in Scotland.
In today's dynamic health care environment, those "McGyver" skills; optimism, creativity, innovation, safe, efficient and effective use of limited resources poise Maryland's Registered Nurses for Health Care Leadership.
Support for a Wylfa B surely diverts limited resources away from renewables and reduces the ability of the Welsh Government to focus on its other ambitious low carbon goals.
Congratulations to APOEL for its astonishing achievement and many thanks for showing us what a small club with limited resources can achieve with real effort and team work.
But after Defra responded, a group including park chief executive Tony Gates and chairman John Riddle considered the potential consequences of initiating legal proceedings at a time of significant change and with limited resources.
Governments worldwide face the challenge of financing a growing student population with limited resources, especially in the current context of difficult economic recovery.

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