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Tilia (tēˑ·lē·),

n parts used: flowers, fruits; uses: antispasmodic, nervine, indigestion, cold, colic, diuretic, mild gallbladder conditions; precautions: none known. Also called
lime flower or
linden flower.
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The list also calls for her favourite Joe Malone grapefruit or lime blossom candles, a dozen bottles of spring water, plus two humidifiers and oscillating fans.
For a scent-surround dinner party, Jo Malone suggests pulling out all the stops on the scent bottles; a squirt of Grapefruit & Rosemary Living cologne in the air, a spritz of Acqua di Limone Linen spray on table linens, the lighting up of a few Lime Blossom or Mimosa candles and the scattering of Sicilian Lime Pot Pourri in every corner of the home to, as she puts it 'wrap your guests in welcome and warmth
03) has aromas of lime blossom and honey, demonstrating crisp minerally green apple and lime flavours, softened by cream and oil.
Their French lime blossom cologne or bath oil is delightful at pounds 29.
There was a hint of lime blossom and apricot fruit, but this was overwhelmed by a toasty creamy oakiness, destroying the character (14).
FILL your cupboards with a stock of soothing herbal teas, such as raspberry leaf (good for uterus), camomile (soothing), nettle (rich in iron, good for the blood) fennel (helps digestion), lime blossom (soothing).
Try French lime blossom for extra floral notes, nutmeg and ginger to add a hint of wintery spice or grapefruit to create an uplifting citrus scent.
The aromatic flavours of lime blossom and hops subsided to yield a rich, oily finish.
Exalting Aromaperfume is pure sensuality with a woody, spicy scent bringing on a feeling of calm and delicious hedonism, while Soothing Aromaperfume renders you tranquil and serene with lime blossom, freesia and camomile.