Lily of the Valley

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A perennial herb that contains asparagine, cardioactive glycosides—e.g., convalloside, gluconvalloside—flavonoids, and saponins; like foxglove, it was once used as a cardiotonic, diuretic and vasodilator
Toxicity Arrhythmias, confusion, hypertension, possibly death due to circulatory collapse; it is poisonous per the FDA
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LILY-OF-THE-VALLEY: They make ideal ground-cover plants for shady, damp situations, spreading quickly by means of creeping roots.
She carried an ivory and white double-faced satin, hand-tied bouquet of gardenias, ivory and white roses, sweetheart roses, white hydrangeas, freesia, and lily-of-the-valley. Tucked inside the bouquet was an ecru heirloom handkerchief belonging to her paternal grandmother, Anna Rose Finney Poole.
POT up lily-of-the-valley bulbs and grow them on a cool windowsill for a fragrant display of flowers in March.
However, once you have planted lily-of-the-valley in your garden, if it likes conditions then you are unlikely to ever be rid of it.
Sambac jasmine, ylang-ylang, woody lily-of-the-valley and white iris create floral tones which are completed by an intoxicating blend of vanilla, fresh musk and amber.
Perennials which flower in spring and early summer, including epimediums, lily-of-the-valley and rhizomatous bearded irises, should be divided immediately after they have finished flowering.
Coleen, 21, flew to the French fragrance capital of Grasse to meet top perfumiers working on the scent, which is decribed as having hints of orange, amber, cedar wood, lily-of-the-valley and soft rose.
Its blend of lily-of-the-valley, mandarin, bergamot, jasmine, carnation, vanilla, patchouli and amber now comes newly packed in a black bottle decorated with Chinese inspired flowers.
THE delicate-looking white pendant-shaped blooms of the lily-of-the-valley provide a delicious scent to any room or superb ground cover when left to naturalise in woodland settings.
However, beware that once you have planted lily-of-the-valley in your garden, if it likes the conditions, you are unlikely ever to be rid of it.