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Rensis, 20th-century U.S. social psychologist. See: Likert scale.
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ERIC Descriptors: Sex Fairness; Social Studies; Gender Issues; Curriculum Implementation; Foreign Countries; Investigations; Questionnaires; Gender Differences; Student Attitudes; Student Characteristics; Teacher Characteristics; Educational Sociology; Gender Bias; Likert Scales; Part Time Students
Students selected their responses to each statement from a 4-point Likert scale [e.
A Likert format allowed the student to respond from 1--Strongly Disagree to 5--Strongly Agree.
In the research, the multiple-choice achievement test, which consisted of twenty-four 4-point Likert items, was utilized in order to determine proteges' academic achievements.
These responses, which were collected using likert scale questionnaire, led us to define some principles for a plan to reduce academic dishonesty, especially internet based plagiarism (Mc Murtry, 2001; Foster, 2002; Landau, Druen, & Arcuri, 2002; Murray, 2002).
Attitudinal measures The Semantic Differential Scale (SDS) (Pizzo, 1981), consists of 12 pairs of words rated on a 5-point Likert scale measuring a favorable or unfavorable attitude.
A 25-item, 5-point likert scale questionnaire was validated and used for the study.