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light met·al

a metal with a specific gravity of less than 4, for example, Li.
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International Symposium on Light Metals 2007 (2007: Orlando, FL) Ed.
6 miles away from GF's light metal casting plant in Suzhou, China, and enjoys all relevant facilities, such as energy supply, connections and trained personnel.
In this role, Schmidt will be responsible for the overall operation of the Light Metals Group, including manufacturing, sales, finance and engineering, while continuing to serve as a member of Metaldyne's Executive Committee.
Researchers in materials engineering and metallurgy at the Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland, present results of their recent research into light metal alloys, one of the department's strongest research areas.
The idea for the network originated in 2003, when the Automotive Industry Development Centre began talks with the CSIR on how South Africa could share in the increasing market demand for light metal use in vehicles.
This proceedings volume contains 161 papers that were originally presented at the 2006 TMS Annual Meeting on Light Metals held in San Antonio, Texas.
Heavin assumes the responsibility for INTERMET's Light Metals Group and is a member of the Corporate Operating Committee.
He said that the center will focus on the more traditional metals, as well as light metals, and has the full support of local metalcasting facilities, most of whom are members of the SAIF.
We announced the closing of Ironton, and we made strategic acquisitions to give us critical mass in light metals.
Considering electrochemical reasons for the selection of the negative electrode materials, light metals (lithium and magnesium), are favored over conventional and comparatively heavy battery materials (such as zinc, cadmium and lead).
A new permanent mold casting process called T-Mag, which is being developed by Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) under its Light Metals Flagship Program, addresses the need for magnesium castings with high-yield, high-integrity and a wider range of geometry.
Pyatt has been named group vice president of Intermet Light Metals, a new business unit.