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Friedrich, Austrian ophthalmologist, 1855-1926. See: Dimmer keratitis.
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THE idea of a bathroom light dimmer is excellent and I fully understand the technical difficulties for safety reasons.
Another device that can increase energy savings by 20 per cent is the light dimmer switch.
another device that can increase energy savings by 20% is the light dimmer switch.
With each Fifth Light dimmer saving an average 350 KWh of electricity per year, if the technology were installed in 200 office towers, it would replace the output of one large coal-fired generator or 80 percent of an average nuclear reactor.
Electronic tyre pressure monitors, interior light dimmer switch and electrochromatic mirrors to name just a few.
An example would be phase control applications for light dimmers. Use of these devices can eliminate the need for inductors.
Power-electronics devices -- from light dimmers to variable-speed drives -- can better match electrical devices and applicances to their varying needs, and save energy in the process.
Specific uses include energy storage, DC output chokes, fly-back inductors, differential-mode chokes, light dimmers and EMI filters.
Fitting rooms even feature flattering light dimmers, so that customers can view themselves in their undies in the semi-darkness!
The brochure also includes Si photodiodes for general photometry and camera applications such as light dimmers, color identification, exposure meters, auto strobe, and illuminaters.