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Coughlan, who also owns Lifestyle Block magazine, highlights the trend of urbanites wanting to connect with the natural world--growing vegetables and gardening.
And lifestyle blocks, she says, are the fastest growing property trend there is.
If the library land was valued at ordinary "countryside" levels, that would make a 10 hectare lifestyle block in Auckland worth around $40 million, not the two million or so that most people would pay.
Normally, as anyone who has built on a lifestyle block can attest, the subdivider or new home builder pays the cost of any power assets required, and then "gifts" those assets to the lines company.
If true, that would mean two-hectare (20,000m2) lifestyle blocks in nearby Kumeu should be selling for $20 million, not $500,000.
12) For example, amongst the enquiries canvassed following the release of the CAPFNZ report, was a request from a lifestyle block mother seeking information which would strengthen her position in opposing her husband's encouragement of ATV use by their children.
Alternatively, they may indicate that the rate of increase of lifestyle blocks is such that accidents within that domain obfuscate any improvements in the data relating to the farming community.
Similarly, the development of ATVs and their deployment in farm workplaces or on lifestyle blocks presents a new set of safety considerations which were initially unconsidered.
Weekends often find them entertaining friends on their lifestyle block.
We see the proposed rule changes mostly affecting smaller operations or lifestyle blocks.
Sullivans road has seen a large increase in rural lifestyle blocks.
As has been widely covered in assorted media recently, there is currently something of a land rush on in New Zealand, with city folk snapping up lifestyle blocks within a reasonable driving distance (anything up to three hours) of their city homes - as quickly as developers can subdivide them.