lifelong learning

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 [lern´ing] (pl. learn·ing)
education (def. 2).
the acquisition of knowledge.
learning disorders a group of disorders characterized by academic functioning that is substantially below the level expected on the basis of the patient's chronological age, measured intelligence, and age-appropriate education.
lifelong learning the continuation of the process of education throughout life.

lifelong learning

Learning that continues after formal education ends and fosters professional, intellectual, aesthetic, social, and leadership skills.
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Lifelong Learner of the Year - Mark Young, Coleg Glynllifon.
An authentic lifelong learner acknowledges the contradicting elements rather than ignoring them and approaches them by understanding and being open to them in a spirit of integrity.
Winning a Lifelong Learner of the Year award in the same category was Mark Young from Coleg Glynllifon, Caernarfon.
And Lisa Williams from Capthorne Farm, Laugharne was named the Land Management and Production Lifelong Learner of the Year.
In some respects, one cannot stop oneself from being a lifelong learner (Fields, 2000) as we are constantly learning simply by the act of living and making our way through each day.
The scheme run by the University of Exeter's Cognitive Education Centre (CEC) encourages schools to incorporate the use of thinking tools from mind maps to thinking hats into all aspects of the curriculum to help pupils become independent learners, promote a love of learning and help lay the foundations for every pupil to become lifelong learners.
The programme includes Learning Design for Lifelong Learner at NEWI, Wrexham, on May 20, and Re-purposing e-learning Content, NEWI, Wrexham, on November 18.
It means transcending, though not abandoning, the print-based culture of traditional literacy to include the emerging culture of the independent lifelong learner.
After moving to North Wales in 1991, he began studying for professional qualifications and at the winter fair yesterday he was named Lantra's lifelong learner of the year.
Julie Davies was the NFU Cymru/NatWest Wales Woman Farmer of the Year and Farming Connect Lifelong Learner, and the couple also won the CLA Wales Rural Business Award.
First she took first place in the fair's horticulture section before being awarded the Lifelong Learner prize in the Learner of the Year competition run by the skills council for the environmental and land-based sector Lantra.
Further, learner-managed learning, motivational theories, and reading reviews have been included in the study to establish a framework from which to identify the lifelong learner.

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