lifelong learning

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 [lern´ing] (pl. learn·ing)
education (def. 2).
the acquisition of knowledge.
learning disorders a group of disorders characterized by academic functioning that is substantially below the level expected on the basis of the patient's chronological age, measured intelligence, and age-appropriate education.
lifelong learning the continuation of the process of education throughout life.

lifelong learning

Learning that continues after formal education ends and fosters professional, intellectual, aesthetic, social, and leadership skills.
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And Lisa Williams from Capthorne Farm, Laugharne was named the Land Management and Production Lifelong Learner of the Year.
They understand the need to demonstrate a commitment to providing ample opportunities for their people to become lifelong learners.
Arthur is WWII veteran and part of the generation that I believe save d the world He has served as an AFS Chapter director and is active in his church and community was always ready try new technology that improved the process and the, quality of the product, Arthur is a lifelong learner, leader and who has touched the lives of many including foundary folks like X, O and Ear.
In addition, a good manager also will be a lifelong learner as well as teacher.
Yesterday she was named Lifelong Learner of the Year (Production and Land Management) in Lantra's 2015 awards at the Winter Fair.
8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- CEO, business magnate, and author, Russell Sarder announced that his book, Learning: Steps to Becoming a Passionate Lifelong Learner was recently honored by being named an award-winning finalist in the USA "Best Books 2011 Awards.
She said: "Chris is a truly inspirational example of a lifelong learner.
CHANGING ATTITUDES TO LEARNING: Thinking skills help pupils become independent learners, promote a love of learning and help lay the foundations for every pupil to become a lifelong learner, teachers say
Developing as a lifelong learner provides novice teachers with a two-fold call to duty: 1) to strengthen and enrich their own knowledge and skills as educators, and 2) to impress upon their students the importance and value of learning across the lifespan.
I drifted away some time after that, thinking about this time of year so filled with gifts and our dance community where everyone is a giver and a lifelong learner so they always have something more to give a student or an audience.
He's a perfect example of a lifelong learner and that's what we foster here.

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