Nephrology An implantable venous access device which may ↓ occlusion, infection, and mechanical breakdown associated with other hemodialysis access devices. See Hemodialysis.
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com) LifeSite News , was surprised how the interim report got out to the public.
7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- In an effort to help families more easily navigate the search process for continuing care retirement communities LifeSite Logics has launched an online database providing information on more than 860 communities across twenty-three states.
com, users can create their LifeSite, publish their content and tell their friends, as well as create Photo Galleries and a Personal Profile with a secure e-mail Contact Form, the company claims.
She said the abortion was an "unlawful killing" because in most cases a cleft palate can be cured by surgery, according to LifeSite News.
The Swedish government announced on March 26 it will propose a bill to allow the creation of cloned human embryos strictly for use in research, LifeSite Daily News reported.
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com/news/blind-activist-chen-guangcheng-chinese-communist-influence-in-academia-far) Lifesite News that even if a university is not under direct pressure from Beijing, many will still practice self-censorship to avoid jeopardizing future enrollment or support in the world's biggest developing economy.
Andrea Mrozek, manager of research and communications at the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, told LifeSite News she believes the real attack on the family structure, "happened years ago with the breakdown of the once widespread cultural understanding that sexual activity happened within marriage and naturally led to children.
The device, called LifeSite, is a shunt that in implanted under the skin and connects with the dialysis machine.