emergency medical services

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e·mer·gen·cy med·i·cal ser·vic·es

(EMS) (ē-mĕr'jĕn-sē med'i-kăl sĕr'vis-ĕz)
An agency that provides prehospital care and transport to the sick and wounded.
Synonym(s): ambulance service, emergency medical service system.
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Acute coronary insufficiency, I thought, and I asked him if I could call the life squad for him.
At this point, the life squad arrived to take the man to the hospital.
"The Life Squad" is an urban fantasy follows Adam Bronn, as he copes with the parade of tragedy in his life, feeling as if he's cursed.
"I'm laying on the ground and I'm thinking I might bleed to death before the life squad gets here," said Huff man, a former emergency medical technician.
The Hope tossers got past Miriam College and Academy of God's Children in their first two outings and are heavily favored against the New Life squad in their 2 p.m.
"Similar to what we do for police officers, state troopers [and] life squads when you see them on the highway," said Rep.