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Traumatic lacerations inflicted by a razor or knife which extend from the tragus to the oral commisure, which often involve the facial nerve, and less commonly the parotid duct Management End-to-end anastomosis of facial nerve, cannulation with stent if the parotid gland is affected
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Early in life Mark was diagnosed with the rare condition aplastic anaemia.
Cattle and sheep meat products that have been reared only on grass and pasture can at pre benefit from the Pasture for Life mark.
PS1,980 for the Bond Girl in your life Mark the 50th anniversary of Bond's appearance on screen by sipping 007's favourite champers (PS150).
Harry's Davy IF he had another life MARK RONSON knows what he would do.
Hug described brokers as large general agents around the country, such as Crump, Branco and Life Mark.
For a bronze Food For Life mark, a caterer needs to show meals contain no undesirable additives or hydrogenated fats, 75% of dishes are fleshly prepared, meat meets welfare standards, eggs are from cage-free hens, and menus are seasonal.
One major initiative that has contributed to the 2007 media impressions to date is the Mushroom Council's partnership with Bob Greene's Best Life Diet, which enables participating growers and shippers to carry Greene's Best Life mark of approval on fresh mushroom packaging until December 31, 2008.
The first element of UID implementation is actually placing the correctly formatted life mark on the item.
The H E Bates novels proved a TV hit for David Jason, Catherine Zeta Jones and Pam Ferris and the tales of country life mark the climax of the Loft Theatre's main house summer season in Leamington.
Toward the end of his life Mark Twain reached a pessimism and fatalism that found voice in this story, published posthumously.
The Pasture for Life mark was launched at the Oxford Real Farming Conference by the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, a farmer-led organisation that promotes the health, welfare and environmental benefits of raising cattle and sheep exclusively on grass and forage crops.
For the rest of his life Mark will still have to take medication every day and everything he eats has to be controlled," said James.