Joseph, French anatomist and pathologist, 1703-1780. See: Lieutaud body, Lieutaud triangle, Lieutaud trigone, Lieutaud uvula.
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Note: the CHPA-Chiap site (Aix) consists of the following buildings: Jacques de la Roque, Czanne, Pastor, hemodialysis, pavilion Joseph Lieutaud, pavilion Tamaris, DSIO Aparthotel, nursery and staff accommodation, House League against cancer.
1767 by Joseph Lieutaud the founder of pathologic anatomy in France in study of 3000 autopsies where he found two cases of pleural tumors.
These included the wreck of a ship from Imperial Street, two necropolises from Imperial Street and Lieutaud Avenue in Marseilles and the excavations from the Trinquetaille district in Arles.
Lieutaud accepted this word in his Precis de la medecine pratique (Paris: Vincent, 1759) and made it a household word: "il faut encore mettre sous ce titre [du delire melancolique] la nostalgie, qu'on appelle communement la maladie du pays, quoique le desir de revoir sa patrie soit souvent tres-raisonnable" (p.
We're at Nabou's apartment, which is painted sunny yellow and looks out on a quiet side street splitting off from the hectic Cours Lieutaud.
Landlord Laurent Lieutaud, who had been advised by police to close down until after today's game, said: "Until about 11:30pm it was high spirited but trouble free.