Ralph E., German chemist, 1869-1947. See: Liesegang rings.
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Navy veteran Dana Liesegang first attended the clinic in 1993 just a year after her medical discharge from the military.
7] Bloom and Snady-McCoy described a patient with 'multifocal choroiditis' that clinically resembled birdshot retinopathy [8] But, Womack and Liesegang who reviewed 86 patients with HZO found none with retina involvement.
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Among their topics are the Liesegang operator, research into self-organization pulsation ion flows in oxyhydrate gels, the form and mechanism of stochastic wave clusters near graphite recording electrodes, textural morphological parameters of oxyhydrates and their sorptive parameters, and using oxyhydrate sorbents in applied radiochemistry and hydrometallurgy.
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The topics include zirconium oxyhydrate gels with specifically repeated pulsation macromolecules' organizations, Liesegang operator as a consequence of the ionic molecular motion inside the Lenard-Jones potential, organizational mechanism in colloid chemistry stochastic systems, and the lag in how an external magnetic activation affects oxyhydrate gels.