Averill A., Austrian-U.S. pulmonary pathologist, 1911-1978. See: usual interstitial pneumonia of Liebow.
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Its origin was first described in 1952 by Smetana and Liebow.
Liebow E, Phelps J, Van Houten B, Rose S, Orians C, Cohen J, et al.
It was inspired by Sarah's grandmother, Estelle Liebow Schultz (the first woman pictured on site's home page), who is not active on social media but who knows her granddaughter is.
Pulmonary sclerosing hemangioma (PSH), a thoracic tumor, was first described by Liebow and Hubbell [sup][1] in 1956.
In order to adopt an as-a-Service operating model and truly become digital businesses, companies must focus on greater operational agility, increased flexibility and speed-to-value that requires the right cloud management tools, said Michael Liebow, Global Managing Director, Accenture Cloud Platform.
1) In the initial description, Liebow and Carrington (1) estimated approximately one-half of the patients had idiopathic disease, whereas the other one-half showed pulmonary fibrosis secondary to a known exposure.
Ed Liebow, the association's executive director, said the organization felt "a strong commitment" to take some sort of action.
This diagnosis was first proposed in 1956 by Liebow and Hubbell [1].
The first description of EHE in the lung tissue was by Dail and Liebow (4) in 1975 under the name of intravascular bronchiolar and alveolar pulmonary tumor.
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Michael Liebow, a podiatrist from Bethesda, explained that by wearing heels, you're altering the position of the foot and how the foot is to function, the Washington Post reported.
Sociologist Elliot Liebow in his classic book Tally's Corner: A Study of Negro Street Corner Men, published in 1967, already drew attention to the fact that almost everything known about black families concerned women and children, while men were often described as inconsistent or absent in the lives of their families.