Averill A., Austrian-U.S. pulmonary pathologist, 1911-1978. See: usual interstitial pneumonia of Liebow.
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Bronchocentric granulomatosis (BG), which was first described by Liebow in 1973 (1), is a destructive granulomatous lesion, which forms in response to airway damage to the bronchi and bronchioles.
Desquamative interstitial pneumonia (DIP) was first described by Liebow et al.
Anos antes, outro antropologo, Elliot Liebow, havia indagado as logicas internas do gueto atraves dos olhos, olhares e vozes dos homens negros.
PSH is a rare tumor of the lung which was first reported by Liebow and Hubbell.[1] It occurs more frequently in Asian women than in Western women.[2] It was reported that most of the patients were usually asymptomatic, and were incidentally discovered because of a routine checkup.
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Its origin was first described in 1952 by Smetana and Liebow.[5] It accounts for <1% of all lung tumors.[2] This tumor has been reported to occur in relatively young persons.
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It was inspired by Sarah's grandmother, Estelle Liebow Schultz (the first woman pictured on site's home page), who is not active on social media but who knows her granddaughter is.
Pulmonary alveolar proteinosis was first described by Rosen, Castleman and Liebow in 1958 [1].