Averill A., Austrian-U.S. pulmonary pathologist, 1911-1978. See: usual interstitial pneumonia of Liebow.
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Cloud computing is essential to delivering the capabilities required by digital businesses, yet many enterprises struggle with managing separate cloud accounts and remain uncertain about moving both new workloads and legacy systems to the cloud, said Michael Liebow, global managing director, Accenture Cloud Platform.
Michael Liebow, a podiatrist from Bethesda, explained that by wearing heels, you're altering the position of the foot and how the foot is to function, the Washington Post reported.
Sociologist Elliot Liebow in his classic book Tally's Corner: A Study of Negro Street Corner Men, published in 1967, already drew attention to the fact that almost everything known about black families concerned women and children, while men were often described as inconsistent or absent in the lives of their families.
IN HIS 1967 CLASSIC, Tally's Corner: A Study of Negro Streetcorner Men, Elliot Liebow seeks to explain the dissolution of the black family.
Edward Liebow, Rapid Ethnography in Evaluation, June, 1008,
99) receives a gripping narration by Franette Liebow, a reader of audio books since the mid-90s, who adds excitement to the medical thriller revolving around one Thea, an outsider to the politics and interpersonal dynamics of her hospital world.
Bell and Sherlock Holmes, see Peterson (1984), Hodgson (1994), and Liebow (1982).
Bahadori and Liebow (3) reported that steroid therapy was ineffective as a treatment for inflammatory pseudotumor, but most other authors have reported that steroids--either alone or as an adjunct to surgery--are effective in the clinical and radiologic resolution of inflammatory pseudotumor.
Studies examining employment and fatherhood show that factors related to the postindustrial economy have hampered father engagement through family problems associated with fathers' inabilities to be financial providers (Anderson, 1999; Edin & Nelson, 2001; Jencks, 1992; Liebow, 1967; Wilson, 1987, 1996; Wilson & Neckerman, 1986).
This reminds us of an earlier generation of low-income men described by Liebow (1967), when poor fathers were found to distance themselves from their children for these same economic reasons.