Liebermann-Burchard reaction

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Lie·ber·mann-Bur·chard re·ac·tion

a blue-green color produced by acetic anhydride with cholesterol (and other sterols) dissolved in chloroform, when a few drops of concentrated sulfuric acid are added.
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longa [5,6] Chemical Method Result substance tested Alkaloid Mayer's test + Dragendorff's test + Hagers test + Wagner's test + Tannins present Ferric chloride test + Gelatin test + Lead acetate test + Flavonoids Ferric chloride test + Magnesium hydrochloride test + Sodium hydroxide test + Mineral acid test + Carbohydrates Molisch's test + Benedict's test + Fehling's test + Barfoed's test - Phytosterols Liebermann-burchard test + Proteins and amino Millions test - acids Biuret test - Ninhydrin test - Lactones Acetic anhydride test + Alkaline nitroprusside test + Triterpenes Salkowski test + Liebermann-storch mora sky + test Hirshhorn test + Anthraquinone Borntrager's test + glycosides C.
Compound 1 was isolated as a colorless solid, which gave positive Liebermann-Burchard test for triterpene.
Lipid Profiles: reference values for plasma total cholesterol were obtained by using auto-analyzer systems to which either the ferric-chloride (sulfuric acid method) or Liebermann-Burchard test was adapted.
Different plant Tests constituents Test for alkaloids Mayer's test, Dragendroff's test, Wagner's test, and Hager's test Test for proteins and Millon's test, Biuret test, and amino acids ninhydrin test Test for anthraquinones Modified Borntrager's test Test for flavonoids Ferric chloride test and lead acetate test Test for carbohydrates Molisch's test Test for reducing sugars Fehling's test and Benedict's test Test for saponins Foam formation test Test for tannins Ferric chloride test and lead acetate test Test for steroids, Liebermann-Burchard test, triterpenoids, and Salkowski test, Noller's test, cardiac glycosides Legal's test, Baljet test, and Keller Kiliani's test TABLE 2: Effect on electrolyte excretion in urine.
Test procedures carried out were, foaming assay for saponins; dragendorff's test for Alkaloids; baljet test for sophisticated lactones; liebermann-burchard test for triterpenes and steroids; fehling test for reducing sugars; ninhydrine test for amino acids; shinoda assay for flavonoids; borntragers test for quinines; salkowski test for terpenoids; ferric chloride test for tannins; and kedde's assay for cardiotonic glycosides.
oblongifolium, behaved positively against Liebermann-Burchard test for triterpenes [8].
abrotanoides resulted compound 1 as colorless amorphous solid, which gave a positive Salkowski and Liebermann-Burchard test for steroids.