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Leo von S., Hungarian physician, 1852-1926. See: Liebermann-Burchard reaction, Liebermann-Burchard test.
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Lieberman added says number of settler homes approved for construction within the the first half 2017 are at their highest since 1992.
Lieberman is now reportedly the frontrunner for the FBI job.
In the interview, Lieberman also addressed the status of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, criticizing him sharply: "If there are elections in the Palestinian Authority, Abu Mazen [Abbas] will be defeated.
Lieberman was sworn in to the post after the Israeli parliament endorsed his return to government by 62 votes to 17, BBC News reported.
But some say that Lieberman is a pragmatist with a hard edge who might yet surprise.
This chapter is now behind me," Lieberman told reporters in brief remarks outside the courthouse.
Lieberman is suspected of trying to secure an ambassadorial posting for Israeli diplomat Zeev Ben Aryeh who provided him with confidential information about a police investigation into his affairs in 2008.
Odyssey Consultants will provide Lieberman Software s privileged identity management products to large enterprise and government customers throughout southern Europe, helping these organizations secure their privileged accounts, protect access to sensitive data, and more easily meet regulatory compliance mandates.
The indictment charges Lieberman with breach of trust and fraud, along with the designation of "moral turpitude," a legal term that keeps convicted politicians out of public office for seven years.
Lieberman told Israeli radio on Friday that he was going through the list of charges and whether it would affect his chances in the next elections before taking a decision on the matter.
Al-QODS (TAP) - Israel's powerful Foreign Minister,Avigdor Lieberman,was charged Thursday with breach of trust, but escaped more serious charges in a fraud and money-laundering case that could jeopardise his political career.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has it out for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, and in a big way.