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Earlier in April also, Tytler refused to undergo a lie-detector test in connection with the case.
Last night, Five said the Trisha show stood by their lie-detector results.
Any testing which is attempted under the conditions just described is unfair to the lie-detector technique and to the examiner as well.
Maybe it's the city's politicians, not its police officers, who need lie-detector tests.
Jones' lawyer Rich Nicholls said in a statement: ``Marion Jones took, passed and made public a lie-detector test, which confirmed what she has said publicly, what her then coach has reportedly said and what her doctor reported - she has never, ever used performance-enhancing drugs.
David gest has challenged estranged wife Liza Minnelli to take a lie-detector test in his attempt to prove she battered him during drunken rages.
The research, carried out by Prof Don Grubin, showed that in a third of cases criminals had positively altered their behaviour because of the lie-detector tests.
After the Los Angeles Police Department's Rampart Division scandal, the city began requiring every police recruit to undergo a lie-detector test, but the LAPD does not have enough personnel to conduct the tests, leading to a backlog of 500 to 600 recruits in the application process.
The 49-year old British-American singer wants to be a guest on Jeremy's ITV show and subject to a lie-detector test to prove that she fell pregnant during her romance with the 53-year old music mogul in 2009, but terminated the pregnancy, the Daily Star reported.
But bosses may have the last laugh - using lie-detector technology to spot workers who are fibbing when they phone in sick.
JK ROWLING'S cousin passed a lie-detector test last night over claims he's the "real" Harry Potter.
Court documents also show that Demirdjian recently took a lie-detector test.