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Edward G.T., English neurophysiologist, 1895-1981. See: Liddell-Sherrington reflex.
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In 2008, the league sent Chuck Lidell to the Philippines to perform a mini-camp which drew close to 5,000 fans.
That same year, Chariots of Fire runners Eric Lidell and Harold Abrahams managed better than a walk winning gold at the Paris Olympics.
Also in attendance were "Despicable Me" series stars, including Miranda Cosgrove (Margo), Dana Gaier (Edith) and Elsie Fisher (Agnes), who were joined by versatile entertainer and host of EXTRA, Mario Lopez; the cast from NBC's "Crisis," including Stevie Lynn Jones, Lance Gross, Joshua Erenberg, Max Martini and Max Schneider; TGT recording artist, Tank; HBO's "Band of Brothers" star Neal McDonough; Syfy's "Face Off" host, McKenzie Westmore; and Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Lidell.
Groomsmen were brother of the bride Steven Lidell Howard Jr.
Lidell Yorke, Ghanian, Member of Drama Club: Well in my home country I wasn't able to get a lot of opportunity to try out my skills at acting.
Her childhood was spent touring India acting in Shakespearean productions directed by her father Geoffrey and co-starring her mother, Laura Lidell.
We made very good money on the dealsaver offer," Mark Lidell, owner of Zeke's Fish & Chips restaurant in Fort Worth, Texas, said in a McClatchy press release.
Edinburgh's festivals are an internationally famous cultural phenomenon," said Faith Lidell, director of Festivals Edinburgh, umbrella body for the 12 festivals.
He also contributed to the Leaf records compilation Death Of Cool Part Two alongside artists Si Begg, Jamie Lidell, Laurent Garnier and Mouse On Mars.
This straining was thought to have a possible connection with the occurrence of apoplexy, so purging with enemas and stimulants was used frequently (Copland, 1850; Lidell, 1873).