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Edward G.T., English neurophysiologist, 1895-1981. See: Liddell-Sherrington reflex.
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Mari Alkatiri, Timor-Leste o caminho do desenvolvimiento: Os primeiros anos de governacao [Timor-Leste the road to development: The first years of governance] (Lisbon: Lidel, 2005), pp.
She deepens her argument by unpacking an article from a May 1925 issue of the fashion magazine Lidel. Chang argues that the article--divided into three vignettes, each describing ways women played on their hair and clothing--showcases the performative confidence of the donna-crisi, as well as her transgression into predominantly male social spaces.
Hacquoil Calgary, AB Lidel Rivera Calgary, AB Lindsey M.R.
Lidel and colleagues conducted a 10 year study on 70 patients with type three AC joint dislocations who were treated with the pinning method.
Amalia e Massimo ambedue impegnati con le loro rispettive riviste collaboravano regolarmente e da tempo--Amalia dal 1908--ad altre ben note pubblicazioni e i loro nomi apparivano spesso accompagnati da numerose autorevoli firme in riviste come La Donna e Lidel. La subalternita socioculturale della donna in quegli anni non le offriva ampio spazio nell'ambito della cultura e la posizione di Amalia come fondatrice e dirigente di una rivista letteraria rivela in questo campo una spinta autonoma e innovativa che all'epoca non aveva di certo numerosi precedenti.
Illustration 2, for example, shows the title page of a Lidel quintet from the Giedde music collection (flute music) which is digitized and freely available from the library's website, ready to print and play.7
Everyone from the neighbourhood huddled in the shelter listening to the radio and the comforting voices of Alvar Lidel, Bruce Belfridge, John Snag and the like, creating light entertainment to keep minds at ease.