lichen sclerosus

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1. any of certain plants formed by the mutualistic combination of an alga and a fungus.
2. any of various papular skin diseases in which the lesions are typically small, firm papules set very close together.
lichen amyloido´sus a condition characterized by localized cutaneous amyloidosis.
lichen fibromucinoido´sus (lichen myxedemato´sus) a condition resembling myxedema but unassociated with hypothyroidism, marked by mucinosis and a widespread eruption of asymptomatic, soft, pale red or yellowish, discrete papules.
lichen ni´tidus a usually asymptomatic chronic inflammatory eruption consisting of numerous glistening, flat-topped, discrete, smooth, commonly skin-colored micropapules, located most often on the penis, lower abdomen, inner thighs, flexor aspects of the wrists and forearms, breasts, and buttocks. Widespread involvement may produce confluence of the lesions, with formation of scaly plaques.
lichen pila´ris lichen spinulosus.
lichen planopila´ris a variant of lichen planus characterized by formation of cone-shaped horny papules around the hair follicles, in addition to the typical lesions of ordinary lichen planus.
lichen pla´nus an inflammatory skin disease with wide, flat, purplish, shiny papules in circumscribed patches; it may involve the hair follicles, nails, and buccal mucosa; called also lichen ruber planus.
lichen ru´ber monilifor´mis a generalized or localized eruption with either round, dome-shaped, waxy, dark or bright red papules, or waxy, yellow, milia-like papules, often forming a moniliform (string-of-beads) pattern, sometimes arranged in keloidal bands. Some authorities consider the condition to be a variant of lichen simplex chronicus.
lichen ru´ber pla´nus lichen planus.
lichen sclero´sus (lichen sclero´sus et atro´phicus) a chronic atrophic skin disease marked by white papules with an erythematous halo and keratotic plugging. It sometimes affects the vulva (kraurosis vulvae) or penis (balanitis xerotica obliterans).
lichen scrofuloso´rum (lichen scrofulo´sus) a form of tuberculid manifested as an eruption of clusters of lichenoid papules on the trunk of children with tuberculous disease.
lichen sim´plex chro´nicus dermatosis of psychogenic origin, marked by a pruritic discrete, or more often, confluent lichenoid papular eruption, usually confined to a localized area. Mechanical trauma, such as scratching or rubbing the area, is a factor in its development. The lesions may arise from normal skin or they may occur as a complication of other forms of dermatitis. Called also circumscribed or localized neurodermatitis and lichen chronicum simplex.

Treatment consists of administration of corticosteroids applied locally as a cream or given by intralesional injection to relieve the pruritus. The area should be protected by light dressings and the patient encouraged to avoid mental stress, emotional upsets, and irritation of the affected area. The application of very hot or very cold compresses may afford temporary relief of the itching. The condition tends to become chronic with unexplained remissions and reappearance of lesions in a different part of the body.
lichen spinulo´sus a condition in which there is a horn or spine in the center of each hair follicle; called also lichen pilaris.
lichen stria´tus a self-limited condition characterized by a linear lichenoid eruption, usually in children.
lichen urtica´tus papular urticaria.
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lichen sclerosus

A form of skin atrophy affecting the vulva in women and occasionally other areas. The skin becomes white, glazed and sometimes severely shrunken and even ulcerated. Although usually painless, the condition may cause itching and sometimes pain. In about 5 per cent of severe cases occurring after puberty, the condition progresses to vulval cancer, sometimes after it has been present for 20 years or more. Treatment is by local steroid ointment for a limited time, and sometimes surgery.
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August, Czech gynecologist, 1832-1889.
Breisky disease - eruption of papules with vulvar involvement. Synonym(s): lichen sclerosus
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The clinical features of lichen sclerosus include hypopigmentation, atrophy, telangiectasias, erosions and fissures, purpura, and scarring.
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Accurate diagnosis is especially important in children, because lichen sclerosus could be mistaken for signs of trauma, Dr.
Followed by lupus erythematosus 10% cases, lichen sclerosus et atrophicus 7.77% cases, lichen planus pigmentosus 6.66% cases, each of follicular lichen planus, lichen nitidus, pityriasis lichenoides, and erythema multiforme had 5.55% cases, diagnosis of 4.44% cases were seen with lichen sclerosis and lichen striatus, 3.33% cases were of actinic lichen planus, drug induced lichenoid eruption, and poikiloderma, hypertropic lichen planus, eruptive lichen planus & lichen spinulosus each had 2.22% cases and lichen planus like keratosis as 1.11% cases.
Definitive diagnosis of lichen sclerosus is made based on a skin biopsy.
The course of lichen sclerosus diagnosed prior to puberty.
A diagnosis of lichen sclerosus typically requires a biopsy of the tissue, and the steroid creams that are the standard of care are effective at slowing tissue damage.
Prevalence of the scarring disorder lichen sclerosus ranges from 1.7% to 3% in the research literature and pathogenesis is likely multifactorial.
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As HPV testing was not available at our institution, histological results of vulvar biopsies and resected specimens were checked for cellular HPV changes, koilocytes and usual-type vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (uVIN) as well as lichen sclerosus.
Two different types of VIN have been defined: the common human papilloma virus (HPV) related type and the differentiated non-HPV-related type, the latter being associated with vulvar dermatoses, especially lichen sclerosus [49].
Lichen sclerosus, an inflammatory condition, is also a known cause of urethral stricture and has been cited to be responsible for up to 30% of urethral stricture [6-8].