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town in Yedseram River valley in Nigeria.
Lassa virus - viral hemorrhagic illness, often fatal, caused by an arenavirus.
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Naverus is currently updating Air China's RNP procedures at Lhasa with paths that will help support operations between Lhasa and areas to the West where new Chinese airports are opening.
From the roof of the world we will bring American beer aficionados a tasty lager that they can not only enjoy, but also feel really good about buying because they are making a socially responsible purchase to help others less fortunate," said George Witz, president of Dzambuling Imports, importer and marketer of Lhasa Beer.
Chinese officials said that the Dalai Lama, Tibet's exiled Buddhist leader, was behind the March unrest and accused him of planning to upset the passage of the torch through Lhasa.
Stringent security was expected in light of the anti-government rioting that broke out in March in Lhasa and subsequent protests throughout Tibetan-inhabited regions of western China.
A 15-member group of diplomats from the US, Japan and European governments returned to Beijing after a tightly controlled two-day visit to Lhasa.
After the Lhasa riots, Chinese police cracked down with force.
It was the 49th anniversary of that revolt, on March 10, that led monks from two large monasteries near Lhasa to stage demonstrations, in which many of them were arrested, raising tensions in the city.
The monks shouted: "Tibet is not free" and said their exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, had nothing to do with the riots in Lhasa.
An email to United Nations-based reporters in New York from China's UN mission sent an internet link to a 15-minute state television program showing Tibetans attacking Chinese in Lhasa.
Lockdown: Indian police wrestle rioter to the ground; Violent scenes: Demonstrators kick down the door of a building during riots in Lhasa
Although familiar with the Himalayas and Asia from prior travels, I had never been to China or Tibet, never led a delegation before, and knew that the altitude of Lhasa would be challenging for all of us.
We got her from a rescue center, and they said she was a Lhasa apso mix, but she's more a poodle than anything else,'' says the 64-year-old Lancaster resident, chuckling.