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town in Yedseram River valley in Nigeria.
Lassa virus - viral hemorrhagic illness, often fatal, caused by an arenavirus.
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But the evidence suggests that the riots in Lhasa and elsewhere were an expression of Tibetan frustration at years of Chinese control and repression.
Perhaps the most striking phonological isogloss separating the Central Tibetan koine from genuine Lhasa Tibetan is the correspondence of retroflex stops [t, t', d] in the former with retroflex affricates in the latter.
In the evening, after a Tibetan set menu meal at the famous Lhasa Kitchen, we join the people who are circumambulating the Jokhang Temple.
Ma Xinming, Lhasa's vice mayor, said in a press briefing Friday that the project would create a "living museum" of Tibetan culture and relieve pressure on existing attractions in old Lhasa.
At the time of the protest, Lhasa was filled with Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims who had travelled to the city to celebrate Saga Dawa -- the anniversary of Buddha s birth.
The owner added that though her seven-year-old dog is young for a Lhasa apso, the pooch might be retired after her victory at Birmingham's NEC so she can go out on a high.
Air China Ltd (SEHK: 0753)(LSE: AIR) (SSE: 601111), the China-based state-owned airline company, has announced a new service between Beijing, in China, and Lhasa, in Tibet.
On the day after the 50th anniversary of the failed uprising by the Dalai Lama and his followers, heavily armed police officers continue to stand post at major intersections and alleys leading to the Jokhang Monastery, one of two temples where a massive riot broke last year inside the Lhasa city center.
Air China has been conducting Naverus RNP operations at the high-altitude Lhasa airport during daylight hours since May 2005.
Spokesman for the Tibet government, Zha Nuo, said the region would be re-opened for tourists - and that a trouble-free run for the torch through the Tibetan capital Lhasa on Saturday showed current stability.
They also published a list of 53 people wanted in connection with the riots in which authorities claim 22 people have died in Lhasa. Tibetan rights groups say nearly 140 Tibetans were killed.