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Franz von, German anatomist, 1821-1908. See: Leydig cells, Leydig cell tumor, Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor.
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The Leydig cell population was obtained using the values of individual volume of Leydig cell, volumetric density (%) and total volume (mL) occupied by Leydig cells in the testes.
Leydig cells were observed to be closer to normal in interstitial region (Figure 5d).
Reactive oxygen disrupts mitochondria in MA-10 tumor Leydig cells and inhibits steroidogenic acute regulatory (StAR) protein and steroidogenesis.
Hasanzadeh, "The ultra-structural changes of the sertoli and leydig cells following streptozotocin induced diabetes," Iranian Journal of Basic Medical Sciences, vol.
The calculation of the individual volume of Leydig cells was investigated employing reticle with 441 intersections (points), using Olympus ocular micrometer 10 X, coupled in 100 X objective.
Testosterone biosynthesis is regulated primarily by pulsatile secretion of LH, and compelling evidence exists that Leydig cell steroidogenesis is further modulated locally by circulating hormones, growth factors, and cytokines20.
Table 1: Natural and synthetic chemicals affecting Leydig cell function.
3] regula o desenvolvimento e maturacao testicular e controla a proliferacao e diferenciacao das celulas de Sertoli e de Leydig em ratos e outras especies de mamiferos (6, 7).
which included a juvenile GCT, Leydig cell tumors, and SertoliLeydig cell tumors, were positive for inhibin immunohistochemistry and negative for FOXL2 mutations.
The Sertoli and germ cells are more chemosensitive than the Leydig cells; a patient with normal testosterone production may therefore have azoospermia.