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Franz von, German anatomist, 1821-1908. See: Leydig cells, Leydig cell tumor, Sertoli-Leydig cell tumor.
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Leydig cells experience increased levels of oxidative stress during aging, after exposure to environmental prooxidants, and when testosterone synthesis is stimulated.
Human Leydig cells and Sertoli cells are producers of interleukins-1 and -6.
The Reduction in serum testosterone level in MT treated rabbits, maybe a result of a cumulative effect of decreased Leydig cell number.
55) The testicular seminiferous epithelium that is responsible for spermatogenesis is more sensitive to the effects of chemotherapy; however, the Leydig cells are more resistant to damage and in certain cases, although secondary sexual characteristics may develop normally, there may be severe impairment of sperm production.
Connective tissue also known as Leydig tissue surrounded the digestive gland and was comprised of collagenous fibers.
Complex multilocular cystic lesion of rete testis, accompanied by smooth muscle hyperplasia, mimicking intratesticular Leydig cell neoplasm.
Sertoli hucreleri ostrojen ve Leydig hucreleri androjen uretirler.
Deletion of the Igf1 gene: Suppressive effects on adult Leydig cell development," Journal of Andrology 31(4): 379-387.
Interstitial connective tissue and Leydig cells were not showing any function.
In the last week, we measured RBC membrane fatty acids on each diet, performed pituitary, adrenal, hepatic, and Leydig cell endocrine provocative testing, and assayed selected cytokines.