Lewis acid

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Le·wis ac·id

an acid that is an electron pair acceptor.

Le·wis acid

(lū'is as'id)
An acid that is an electron pair acceptor.

Lewis acid

A substance that accepts an electron pair from a base, forming a covalent bond with the base.


Gilbert N., U.S. chemist, 1875-1946.
Lewis acid - an acid that is an electron pair acceptor.
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S] values can be used to quantify the Lewis acidity and Lewis basicity of the material.
Silica nanoparticles contain physically adsorbed water and hydroxyl groups on the surface but do not show significant Lewis acidity on the surface.
The higher activation energies of A3 and A4 suggest a new reaction mechanism: perhaps the Lewis acidity of [gamma]-alumina starts to dominate the cure of BECy.
The catalytic activities of the zinc carboxylates were understood with considering electronic natures and steric hinderances of substituents, Lewis acidity of the centered zinc metal, and morphological changes.

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